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Tips to Care for Your Ashes Jewellery
Looking after your jewellery is the best way to ensure its longevity and keep it looking its absolute best. We’ve explored the best ways to keep your Ashes Jewellery in perfect condition.
Ideas to Personalise Your Jewellery in Honour of Your Closest Loved Ones
Our loved ones mean the world to us, but how do we define that special relationship on a piece of jewellery? Sometimes, the simplest messages are the ones with the most impact.
How To Choose The Right Chain For Your Jewellery
An essential part of any necklace is choosing the correct chain. When selecting a chain for your jewellery, it’s worth considering the different types and lengths.
6 Tips For Summer Jewellery Care
Sun, sea and sand are some of the best parts of summer, but they can potentially tarnish your jewellery. Discover our Summer Jewellery Care Guide.
How to Add Cremation Ashes To Your Jewellery
As Cremation Ashes are one of the most popular ranges of memorial jewellery discover how to fill your urn lockets in the comfort of your home.
How To Find Your Ring Size
Not sure of what ring size you'd need? Learn more about how the different ways to find out your ring size.
50 Beautiful Inscription Ideas for Jewellery
When it comes to jewellery, some people know exactly what they want to say, whereas others can feel a little lost for words. We’ve listed 50 beautiful inscription ideas for your jewellery.
Introducing Our New Collection Range
We’re delighted to introduce our beautiful new Collection Range. Designed to grow with you over the years, the Hand on Heart Collection bracelet and charms range can easily be added to in the future.
Do Fingerprints ever Change?
Fingerprints are our natural identity card. The patterns at the tops of our fingers, made of up loops, whorls and arches, are entirely unique – so much so that they’re considered our proof of identity. But do those ridges and...
What does your Handwriting say about you?
Handwriting is fascinating. Everything about the way you write can reveal details of your personality. What does your handwriting say about you?
How to take Fingerprints for your Jewellery
There’s no doubt fingerprint jewellery is growing in popularity, our fingerprints are part of our identity, and they’re what make us entirely unique. We've delved into the best way to take prints for your unique fingerprint jewellery.
What is 925 Sterling Silver?

At Hand on Heart, most of our jewellery is created from beautiful 925 Sterling Silver. But what is it? Why is it perfect for jewellery? And what’s the difference between 925 Sterling Silver and other jewellery materials? 

Ideas for Engraving
A personalised piece of jewellery is a beautiful gift for someone special. However, we understand that deciding exactly how to personalise something can feel like a lot of pressure! Personalisation and message wording are both queries that our customer service...
Caring for your Hand on Heart Jewellery
A piece of jewellery is something that’s very special, especially if it’s been created with a meaningful memory in mind or has sentimental value.  Of course, you want to keep your jewellery always looking its absolute best. There are certainly...
Taking baby handprints using Inkless Printing Kits
We get many requests on how to take the prints of new borns so when our friends Charlotte and Chris were due to have their baby at the end of June we asked if their new born Ruben would be happy to be a Hand on Heart model...
Creating handprints and using existing prints
Many Hand on Heart Jewellery creations require the handprint, footprint, or paw print of your loved one to create a unique and personal piece of Jewellery. When you place your order we will send you a quick and easy to...