Horse Hair Jewellery

"Not all best friends have two feet"

Horse Memorial Jewellery
A horse and horse shoe necklace

Created using

Real Horse Hair

made to

Love a lifetime

Necklace made from horse hair

Horse Hair Jewellery FAQ's

All we need to make horse hair jewellery is a small sample of the horses hair. This can be taken from anywhere, including their tail or mane. We very carefully set the horse hair in resin, creating our signature floating appearance

As soon as we receive your order, we'll send you a collection pack referenced with your order number to supply the hair. Simply deposit a sample of the hair into the bag enclosed in the pack and deposit into your local post box. We'll let you know as soon as we receive the hair and start work on your special piece of jewellery

Horse Hair Jewellery requires a lot of individual time and attention to make perfectly and this is reflected in its price. Our pricing starts at £150 and includes all delivery costs and luxury packaging.

Many people are surprised to discover just how popular Jewellery made from Horses Hair is. We appreciate that a horse is a member of the family and it's understandable why people find comfort in having a small piece of them by their side forever

We only need a very small amount of hair to make our Jewellery. Any unused hair will be returned with your Jewellery

5 products

5 products

Create a beautiful piece of jewellery using your beloved Horse's hair, mane or tail. Layered in coloured resin, our Horse Hair Memorial Jewellery is a popular way to keep a part of your best friend with you forever. Discover a lovely range of Horse Hair Necklaces, made for you with love in our Cumbrian Design Studio. All we need to create Jewellery made from Horse Hair is a small sample of hair usually taken from the mane or tail. Providing this hair couldn't be easier - we'll simply send you a horse hair collection kit for you to put the hair in and deposit in a post box.