Loved Ones Personalisation

Ideas to Personalise Your Jewellery in Honour of Your Closest Loved Ones

Our loved ones mean the world to us, but how do we define that special relationship on a piece of jewellery? Sometimes, the simplest messages are the ones with the most impact. Popular personalisation options include a loved one’s name, nickname, or initials. A meaningful date or a special location works beautifully, too. With this in mind, we’ve looked at some of our favourite personalisation ideas for the loved ones closest to us, including mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings and friends…


Mum  |  Mother
Mummy  |  Ma
Mamma  |  Mummy Bear
Matriarch  |  Mummy to be
No.1 Mum  |  #1 Mummy
Best mum in the world  |  World’s best mum
Strong mama  |  Super mother
Simply the best  |  A mother’s love
Thank you for everything
I am a strong woman because a strong woman raised me
Home is where Mum is  |  Lucky you’re my mum

Personalisation For Mum


Dad  |  Daddy
Pops  |  Pa
Papa  |  The Old Man
Patriarch  |  Daddy Bear
Super Dad  |  My superhero
No.1 Dad  |  Top Dad
#1 Daddy  |  Our rock
Our everything  |  Top Dog
Not all heroes wear capes
My favourite people call me Dad
Best dad ever  |  Best dad in the world
Lucky you’re my dad
I have a hero and I call him dad
Personalisation For Dad


Sis    |  Bestie
You’re My Sister & My Best Friend
Best Big Sis    |  Best Little Sis
Sisters Always    |  One in a million sister
Sisters make the best friends in the world
Sisters are different flowers from the same garden
You’re my sister, best friend and soul mate
Sister squad    |  Sisterly bond
Super sister    |  World’s best sister
Always my sister, forever my friend
Bruv    |  Bro
Best friend    |  Best man
Best Big Brother    |  Simply The Best
Proud of You    |  My Rock
#1 Brother    |  My superhero
There’s no buddy like a brother
My favourite partner in crime
World’s best brother


Nanny   |  Nana
Gran   |  Granny   |  Nan
Nonna   |  Super Gran
The heart of the family
There’s no place like home, except grandma’s
You are simply the best
We’d be lost without you
Grandpa   |  Grandpops
Grandad   |  Granddaddy
Nonno   |  Greatest Grandad
The head of The family
Happiness is a hug from grandpa
Grandfather wisdom
Grandads are for love and fixing things
Great fathers get promoted to grandfathers
We love you, grandpa
Personalisation For Grandparents


Best friend   |  Friends forever
BFF   |  I treasure our friendship
Sister from another mister
Bezzie   |  Bestie
Sidekick   |  Partner in crime
Homeboy   |  Homegirl
Tribe   |  Squad
Ride or die   |  Better together
Friends always   |  Remember when…
I’m always here…   |  I’ll be there for you
Our magic moments
Life has no blessing like a good friend
True friends are never apart
Friends make the world beautiful
A sweet friendship refreshes the soul
You’re my favourite soul mate
Life is better with friends
You’re my favourite person
We’re two peas in a pod


Personalisation and message wording are both queries that our customer service team are asked about frequently, so please don’t think you’re alone if you’re unsure of what to include. Our team are always happy to help, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need some ideas or a steer in the right direction.

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