What does your Handwriting say about you?

What does your Handwriting say about you?

Handwriting is absolutely fascinating. It’s something we deal with a lot, here at Hand on Heart, thanks to our popular collection of Handwriting Jewellery. According to graphologists (handwriting experts), everything about the way you write – from the size of your letters to how you space your words and the way you dot your I’s – can reveal intricate details of your personality.

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Let’s look at some popular handwriting features that can be analysed…

Size of letters and words
Large letters
  • People-oriented.
  • Outgoing and confident.
  • You want to feel understood and noticed.
  • If your letters go over the top line, you might be attention-seeking.
Small letters
  • Introverted.
  • Timid.
  • Strong focus and concentration.
Word and line spacing
Wide spacing
  • Values freedom and independence.
Small spacing
  • Prefers the company of others and hates to be alone.
Narrow spacing
  • Poor time management.
Even spacing
  • Aware of boundaries.
Dotting your I’s
Circular dot
  • Childlike and playful.
  • Artistic.
Standard dot
  • Organised.
  • Pays attention to detail.
Dash as a dot
  • Overly critical.
High dot
  • Imaginative.
Dot to the left
  • Tendency to procrastinate.
Crossing your T’s
Long cross
  • Determined and enthusiastic.
Short cross
  • Laidback.
Pen pressure
Heavy pressure
  • Strong emotions.
  • Quick to react.
  • Committed.
Light pressure
  • Sensitivity and empathy.
  • Laidback and easy-going disposition.
No slant
  • Ruled by logic instead of emotion.
  • Solid and pragmatic.
Right slant
  • Friendly, sentimental and impulsive.
  • Highly values friends and family.
Left slant
  • Prefers to work with things over people.
  • Introspective and reserved.
Connection of letters
Not connected
  • Logical, methodical and makes decisions carefully.
  • Intelligent and intuitive.
Illegible signatures (like a squiggle)
  • Private and closed.
Legible signature
  • Self-confidence.


Handwriting jewellery that represents every unique quirk

Our jewellery designers are experts at picking out every tiny quirk of a person’s handwriting. They’re highly skilled in creating handwriting jewellery that perfectly represents a writing sample. Whether it’s a signature from an old greetings card or a note left on the fridge, we can turn that special note into a piece of Memorial Handwriting Jewellery to keep close to you forever. You don’t need to part with the writing as we can work from a photograph taken on your phone to create your unique design (we can even use snippets taken from a few notes or move the layout around).

We’ve been making handwriting jewellery for nearly fourteen years, and due to the progression in technology, our process has changed significantly over the years. Our unique process now uses a combination of both traditional jewellery-making skills and advanced laser machinery. Our designers are specialists in carefully miniaturing the handwriting, while keeping it an exact replica of that you provide – we can even create pieces using children’s handwriting and frequently work with parents who want a beautiful keepsake to treasure their child’s handwriting.

We think handwriting is absolutely fascinating. Are you now going to be looking closely at what your handwriting reveals about your personality? We certainly want to look at our own handwriting in more detail after researching this interesting subject! 

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