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Pet Ashes Jewellery


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Pet Ashes FAQs

Absolutely. While Dogs and Cats are generally the most common pets, we can use cremation ashes from any animal including horses and rabbits

Pet Ashes Jewellery requires a lot of individual time and attention to make perfectly and this is reflected in its price. Our pricing starts at £150 which includes shopping and luxury packaging.

We can use your pets fur or hair instead of cremation ashes in most of our jewellery designs. Each of our Ashes designs have an icon on their product page showing their suitability for hair. We also have a dedicated Memorial Hair Jewellery range which is designed specifically to make the hair within the jewellery more visible

We only need roughly a tea spoon of cremation ashes for our pet ashes jewellery. Any cremation ash that isn't used will be returned to you securely with your order

61 products

61 products

Discover our sentimental range of Pet Ashes Jewellery, beautifully designed for you to keep a part of your beloved dog, cat, rabbit or horse with you forever. Turning Pet Ashes into Jewellery is our speciality with each piece being created by our talented Ashes Jewellery designers who have a wealth of experience in working with cremation ashes, designing each piece with love and respect. Our beautiful range includes our very popular Pet Necklace for Ashes which comes in a range of colours and shapes, many of which can also be engraved with a personalised message. Ordering and supplying the cremation ashes couldn't be easier, once you've chosen your piece of Pet Ashes Jewellery, we'll send you an Ashes collection kit for you to supply a token of ashes from your dog, cat, or any other deceased pet.