How To Choose The Right Chain For Your Jewellery

How To Choose The Right Chain For Your Jewellery

An essential part of any necklace is choosing the correct chain. When selecting a chain for your jewellery, it’s worth considering the different types and lengths. At Hand on Heart, most designs feature the standard 16-18” belcher chain. However, our premium slider chain (fully adjustable to 24inches) is available on some pieces, and our self-fill ashes jewellery collection also features longer chain length options too.

How to pick the correct style of chain

Whether you’re gifting the necklace to someone special or buying it for yourself, there are some factors to consider before settling on a particular design. Firstly, there are different types of chains to choose from, such as Belcher chain, Ball chain, Prince of Wales chain and Slider chain (any length up to 24”).

How to pick the correct length of the chain

The length of the chain is another consideration when choosing jewellery.

A practical tip to consider is the recipient’s height (or your own height). Expert jewellers recommend that anyone 5’4 or smaller may suit a shorter 16-20-inch necklace. In contrast, people over 5’4 typically suit any necklace length. Although it’s also worth bearing in mind that taller women often find that longer necklaces highlight their height.

Necklace Chain Lengths

How wearing style affects a necklace chain

Another factor is the style of clothes typically worn with the necklace. Collar-styled necklaces (around 14 inches in length) are usually best worn with any dress or top with an open neck. A matinee-style necklace (measuring 20 to 24 inches) is suitable for any occasion.

These are some chain lengths to consider:


These chains hang at the base of the neck where a shirt collar might sit and are usually around 16 inches. Collar-length chains suit outfits for any occasion.


These chains are approximately 18 inches and hang at your collarbone. These are also very versatile and, like chokers, go well with open-neck clothing.


These necklaces are 20-24 inches and sit between the collarbone and bust.


Opera necklaces range between 26 inches and 34 inches. This longer length necklace typically falls below the bust and above the waist. We touched on height earlier – how different heights suit different chain lengths – and an opera necklace is brilliant for emphasising a tall frame.

How to measure your necklace chain size

Simply drape a piece of string around your neck down to the point where you’d like the pendant to hang, then cut the string, lay it straight, and use a ruler to take the exact measurement. After that, you can round that number up to the nearest chain length available for the design you have your eye on.

How to find your perfect necklace fit

A great way to find your perfect length chain is to take the measurements of your neck and choose a necklace that will fit comfortably. Add two inches to your neck measurement for tight necklaces like chokers. Add four inches to this measurement for comfortable, everyday wear to get the right length.

Longer chain lengths for our self-fill ashes jewellery

Some pieces in our self-fill ashes jewellery collection include longer chain length options, such as 26”, 28” & 30” – therefore offering you additional options for the overall look and feel of these beautiful self-fill pieces.

Self Fill Ashes Jewellery

We hope this blog has helped you decide on the perfect chain type and length. As always, if you have any questions about necklace chains, please get in touch with our friendly team, who are always happy to help!


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