Beautiful Inscription Ideas For Jewellery

50 Beautiful Inscription Ideas for Jewellery

When it comes to jewellery, some people know exactly what they want to say, whereas others can feel a little lost for words. Either way is absolutely normal, as it can feel like a lot of pressure to get it right. Message wording is something that our customer service team are asked about frequently, so please don’t think you’re alone if you’re unsure of what to include.

Depending on your relationship with them and what occasion the jewellery will mark or celebrate, there are many different ways that personalisation can work beautifully. You could include an inscription that’s specific to them and your relationship. Or you could choose an inscription that’s a bit more general, including nature and outdoor themes, hobbies and passions, or inspirational words and sayings.

We’ve listed 50 beautiful inscription ideas for your jewellery.

Unique nods to you and them:
  • A special date – such as a birthday or anniversary.
  • Names – including their name, initials or nickname.
  • Who they were or are to you – for example, Mother, Father, Wife, Husband, Special Friend, Best Friend.
  • Location – the name or address of a place. It could be where you live or where you met, or where you experienced something special. 
  • Inside jokes – this could be a word or memory, location or date that means something to the two of you.

Jewellery Inscription Ideas

    Love inscription ideas
    • I Love You 
    • I Heart You
    • Love you forever
    • All my love
    • Love you to the moon and stars
    • You have my heart
    • My one and only
    Friendship inscription ideas
    • Friends forever
    • BFFs
    • I treasure our friendship
    • Sister from another mister.
    • Ride or die.
    Memorial inscription ideas
    • Never forget you
    • Always in my heart
    • Forever by my side
    • Miss you always
    • Gone but never forgotten
    • Your love and light shine on

    Jewellery Inscription Ideas

    Nature and outdoors inscription ideas
    • The mountains are calling
    • Gone to the beach
    • Adventures await 
    • The great outdoors
    Hobbies and passions inscription ideas
    • Gone fishing 
    • At the golf course
    • Let’s hit the trails
    • Grab your hiking shoes
    • Where words fail, music speaks
    Religious and spiritual inscription ideas
    • God bless
    • Into his loving arms
    • Forever in heaven
    Positive words inscription ideas
    • Happy 
    • Positivity 
    • Blessed
    • Love 
    • Faith
    • Courage 
    • Inspiration 
    • Believe
    Sayings inscription ideas
    • Carpe diem
    • Never stop dreaming
    • Dance like nobody’s watching
    • Mindset is everything 
    • Chase your dreams
    • One day at a time
    • Enjoy the little things

    Jewellery Inscription Ideas

    If you’re feeling a little lost for words or you’re stuck for inspiration, we hope this blog of ideas has helped. If you’d still like a helping hand, you can always contact our friendly design team, who will be able to answer any queries and offer further advice.


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      Of course, we can certainly help with this. All we need is a clear photo of the handwritten message you’d like to use and this can be uploaded to our design team once your order has been placed. This option can be selected when personalising your order so you’ll be able to see the word limit for your chosen design.
      If we can help at all further please don’t hesitate to let us know at; – Team HoH x

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      I wish to purchase an ash necklace for my Mum. Is it possible to have my Dad’s handwriting on the back

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