Grief and Loss Support

Frequently Asked Questions About Cremation Ashes
The journey of handling cremation ashes involves emotional considerations, legal aspects, and practical decisions. In this guide, we address frequently asked questions surrounding cremation ashes.
Coping with Grief at the Start of the New Year
The start of the new year can bring a set of challenges as you enter the new year without your loved one. In this blog, we'll explore strategies to cope with grief during this time and find meaningful ways to navigate the journey ahead.
Three Difficult Grief Situations at Christmas and How to Deal With Them
Christmas can be one of the most challenging periods for grief. We’ve looked at three difficult grief situations at Christmas, and how you might want to deal with them.
Four Ways Memorial Jewellery Can Provide Comfort
We've explored four ways memorial jewellery can provide comfort to those who wear it.
Five Things To Do After a Death
It's an extremely difficult and emotional time when your loved one passes away so we hope this blog helps as we talk about five things to do after a death.
10 Meaningful Ways to Support Someone Who Is Grieving
Grief is unique to every person, and everyone will have their own ways of dealing with it. In this blog, we’ve explored ten ways to support someone who is grieving. 
How to cope with grief on Father’s Day
We often deal with customers who have experienced hard times with grief, and we appreciate this is a sensitive subject, but we really hope this blog helps anyone experiencing hard emotions during this time.
Q&A: Meet Katrina Preisler-Weller, of Grow With Grief
We are delighted to feature the incredibly inspirational Katrina Preisler-Weller, of Grow With Grief, on our blog. Katrina runs the Grow With Grief platform, which includes social media channels, a newsletter, a website, grief support guides and a podcast.
Speaking to Children about Bereavement

Every child will cope with the death of someone close in their own way. Whether they are grieving the death of someone in the family, a friend, someone they knew in school, or a pet, there are some practical tips you can use to help you help them work through their grief.

Q&A: Meet Sally Douglas and Imogen Carn from the Good Mourning podcast
We are incredibly excited to feature two extraordinary women on the Hand on Heart blog. Sally Douglas and Imogen Carn run the chart-topping Good Mourning podcast. The friends, who met through their grief experiences, have developed an enormous global online community thanks to their honest and open conversations about grief.
Coping with Mother’s Day after losing a child

The prospect of Mother’s Day after losing a child can be extremely challenging for anyone struggling with grief and loss. Whether it’s the first Mother’s Day or the tenth, it’s a day that’s extremely difficult to navigate.

What to Write in a Bereavement Card?
Finding the right words to say when writing in a bereavement card is a common stumbling block. It’s only natural to hope that you’re saying the right thing while chewing the end of the pen and feeling like your mind...
What to expect from a Funeral Director
How to choose a funeral director – we’ve explored how families choose a funeral
director, and we spoke directly to Jill Glencross, who offered her expert opinion
about what to expect and consider.
Continuing Bonds with loved ones following loss

The concept of ‘Continuing Bonds’ in grief is something many people experiencing bereavement can probably relate to. Find out more about the theory of Continuing Bonds in our blog.

Where to find help and support following baby loss
It can feel overwhelming to know where to start looking for support following baby or pregnancy loss, however, help is available in many different formats, from podcasts to books, counselling and online communities. Find out more in our imformative blog post.
How to support those who have experienced pregnancy or baby loss
It is understandable that it can be hard to know what to do or what to say to somebody who has experienced baby loss. This blog looks at how to support those experiencing loss, and how we can break the wall of silence around baby loss. 
What is Baby Loss Awareness Week?
Baby Loss Awareness Week takes place from 9th to 15th of October this year. The annual event is a time for everyone in the baby loss community and beyond to come together, remember much-loved and missed babies and raise awareness of pregnancy and baby loss. 
Dealing with Grief and Loss
Grief is an incredibly difficult experience to deal with. The way we cope is unique to our own feelings, emotions, processes, and circumstances. Navigating grief and the loss of a loved one is a complicated journey, and there is no...
Coping With Grief and Loss on Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day can be a difficult date in the calendar for anyone struggling with grief and loss. Every experience of grief is unique to the person going through it. And it can be hard for others to understand how challenging...
How to Help Children Deal with Grief
Did you know that one child in every UK classroom will experience the death of someone close by the time they reach the age of sixteen? That heart-breaking fact comes from our charity partner, Grief Encounter – an incredible charity...
Helping a Loved One Deal with Grief at Christmas
If your loved one is dealing with grief at Christmas, it can be difficult to know how to help them. Grief is an intense, upward struggle that can feel relentless, and coping with grief at Christmas can be especially hard. ...