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Popular Ashes Jewellery Questions

To create Cremation Ashes Jewellery, you will need to supply a proportion of the Cremation Ashes. This is done easily using the Ashes Collection Kit that we send you free of charge. Using the measuring spoon supplied in the kit, carefully put the Ashes into the special bag, seal, and return the kit free of charge. Once we receive the Cremation Ash, our creation process can begin.

You may notice that Hand on Heart Cremation Ash Jewellery has a unique appearance which is unlike other Ashes Jewellery. When designing our ranges, we specifically wanted to create a beautiful 3D illusion of the ashes floating in the jewellery rather than a flat appearance. We create this unique style by very carefully layering tiny pieces of Cremation Ashes between layers of liquid resin. The process requires a very steady hand, an eye for detail and unlimited care and attention.

When we send you your Ashes Kit, we will ask you to use the supplied spoon to measure the Ashes. Generally we will only need one spoon of Ashes to make up to 6 pieces.

Cremation Ashes Jewellery requires a lot of individual time and attention to make perfectly and this is reflected in its price. Our pricing starts at £150 and includes all delivery costs and a lifetime guarantee

Hair or fur can be used in place of Cremation Ashes in some of our pieces. Please contact us if you would like to use hair instead of Ashes so we can advise further. Alternatively, we have a range designed specifically for hair which you can view here. The process is very similar and instead of providing Cremation Ashes in the Collection Pack we send you, you just need to pop the hair in there instead

Pet Cremation Jewellery is extremely popular and is a beautiful way to keep your beloved pet with you forever. Our specialist Designers will very carefully layer the Cremation Ash in your chosen design which includes necklaces, charms, rings and cufflinks

20 products

20 products

Create a piece of Jewellery to love a lifetime containing the Cremation Ashes from your loved one. The cremation ash is very delicately set into resin which has a beautiful glass-like appearance while being very hard-wearing making it the perfect material for Ashes Jewellery. Available in a range of colours, the Cremation Ash is layered to create a beautiful floating and sparkling appearance within the Jewellery. Choose from a wide selection of Cremation Ashes Necklaces, Rings, Cufflinks, Charms and Earrings. 
Supplying the Ashes is an easy process. Once you place your order, we will send you an Ashes Pack to return to us. We only require a small amount of Ashes and any unused Ashes will be returned to you with your Jewellery. This range is also suitable to be created with a lock of hair instead of ashes. The finished Jewellery comes beautifully presented in a Hand on Heart Jewellery Box complete with an authentication certificate.