Do Funeral Directors Take Fingerprints?

Do Funeral Directors Take Fingerprints?

Losing a loved one is a challenging and heartbreaking time. Dealing with grief is difficult enough, and there are often logistics to organise and many hard decisions to be made. It’s completely understandable that some choices and ideas get lost amid the tough period.

For example, families and loved ones are often worried about the process of taking fingerprints and that it may be too late to do so. However, these can be taken by the funeral home at any time before the funeral takes place.

A lady wearing a Memorial Fingerprint Silver Bracelet

Of course, following a loss, it’s absolutely understandable if you’re not ready to decide on memorial jewellery at the time. Even if it’s something you really want to do, there’s no rush to do so. In this situation, we advise you to order a printing kit and obtain the prints before the funeral, for future use. There’s no time limit once you have the prints; we’re here when you’re ready, in your own time.

Funeral directors are often happy to take your loved one’s fingerprints which can be turned into memorial fingerprint jewellery later. They are sensitive to the process and it isn’t an unusual request, so please don’t feel nervous to ask them about it. They may use their own kits or fingerprint scanners, and we would recommend that they take as many prints as possible from different fingers and thumbs to give a good range for us to work with.

Memorial Fingerprints being taken using ink and being turned into Memorial Keepsake Fingerprint Jewellery

We are skilled in creating memorial fingerprint jewellery, and we’re conscious that it is a sensitive decision. We work with around 150 funeral directors all over the UK who have our fingerprint kits available at all times. They will be happy to talk through the process with you and answer any questions you might have. We’re also more than happy to talk through the process too. Our friendly customer service team are on hand to answer any queries about creating memorial fingerprint jewellery and working with funeral homes to do so.

If the funeral home doesn’t have its own kit or method, you can also order fingerprint kits from our website to pass on to them. In our many years of experience creating memorial fingerprint jewellery, we’ve found that using an ink print kit gives the best result. This is because it picks up the very fine, intricate and unique details of the individual fingerprint. That’s why we’d recommend kits, such as ours, which are ink-based. Our kit is very easy to use and comes with a unique ink strip and printing card, plus full instructions on how to take the prints.

A lady being given a Memorial Fingerprint Silver Heart Necklace as a gift

Our memorial fingerprint jewellery range has been developed alongside our work with funeral directors to ensure that we can work with any print, regardless of the level of detail, to give our customers a truly special piece of jewellery that’s unique to their loved one. Our specialist designers are extremely experienced and skilled in extracting the very best details to feature on your piece of jewellery.

Our special memorial fingerprint range has been carefully curated and crafted. It includes a memorial fingerprint heart necklace, round necklace and tag necklace. There’s also a round bracelet, a leather charm bracelet, and a round charm bead which can be added to existing jewellery. Our memorial fingerprint cufflinks and memorial keyring are also lovely ways to pay tribute to loved ones and keep them close forever.

A selection of Memorial Fingerprint Keepsake Jewellery and a lady wearing a memorial fingerprint bracelet 

Each of these products in our memorial fingerprint collection are from our premium imprint range, which means that the print is imprinted into the silver, rather than engraved onto the surface. This design comes with a lifetime no-fade guarantee, ensuring that your piece will last a lifetime if looked after. We strongly recommend that if using memorial prints, ordering from this range rather than our other fingerprint jewellery will enable us to obtain the very best result.

We are also proud to be able to offer a stunning range of Cremation Ashes Jewellery and Memorial Hair Jewellery, which you can find out more about here.

Memorial Cremation Ashes Jewellery

We take great pride and care in creating these unique pieces that will be treasured forever, helping our customers keep a loved one close. We’re always delighted to receive great feedback, and our customers have written some really wonderful reviews of this unique collection. 


a person being given a set of memorial fingerprint cufflinks as a gift 

Amber G bought a memorial fingerprint necklace in memory of her grandfather. She said:
“What an amazing service. I was scared to send off my grandfather’s prints because I was being silly about letting them go. I was reassured and told I could email a picture (of the prints) instead. The necklace is beautiful, and I will treasure it forever.”
Dawn T also purchased a memorial fingerprint necklace from us. She said:
“Hand On Heart has been so understanding from start to finish of me ordering and receiving the pendant of my late mother’s fingerprint. My mum passed away the day after receiving the pack, things were delayed. However, Hand On Heart reassured and explained the process as my return date had passed. I absolutely LOVE my pendant. It is so professionally done, right down to the very last detail. Thank you so much.”
Natalie R selected a memorial round fingerprint bracelet to pay tribute to her dad. She said:
“I had a bracelet made with my dad’s handwriting on one side and fingerprint on the other. He passed away recently, and this is one way to keep him with me all the time. I absolutely love it, what a beautiful idea. Worth every penny.”


 Memorial Fingerprint Heart Necklace and Memorial Handwriting Tag Necklace

Lynn W also chose our memorial round fingerprint bracelet. She said:
“I am absolutely thrilled with my bracelet. I had my mum’s writing engraved on the back. She is always with me when I wear it. Your customer service is excellent. Thank you, Hand On Heart x.”
Alison W selected a memorial round fingerprint bracelet too. She wrote to us and said:
“I couldn’t be happier with this bracelet - it is absolutely stunning, and the picture on the website doesn’t do it justice. My gran passed away earlier this year, and I feel like I have a part of her with me whenever I wear it. The fingerprint has come out so much better than I could’ve hoped for; the design team have done an outstanding job. The customer service of Hand On Heart is second-to-none – always so helpful whenever I emailed and prompt replies. It made the whole process a pleasure. I can’t thank the Hand On Heart team enough for making such a special and treasured piece of jewellery. I’m recommending you to everyone!”

A range of Memorial Fingerprint Silver Jewellery and Keepsakes

We hope this blog offers some reassurance that it’s perfectly normal to ask funeral directors to take fingerprints of a loved one and that they will do it before a funeral takes place if you ask them to. 

We absolutely understand what a difficult time it is and that there’s no rush to make any decisions once you have the prints. You can take your time and carefully consider the perfect way to remember them and to keep them and their memory close with a beautiful piece of jewellery. We’ll be right here to help you choose if you need any advice, and to answer any questions you might have, before crafting a beautiful and unique piece, just for you.

If you have lost someone and are looking for some way to help deal with and process your grief, please take the time to read our blog post on the topic here.



  • Team HoH

    We’re delighted to confirm that we are able to reuse the same fingerprint on multiple pieces of jewellery. All we need is a clear photo of the fingerprint your Funeral Director has managed to capture – Team HoH x

  • Allison Rankin

    We could only get 1 fingerprint can this be used to make more than 1 piece of jewellery?

  • Hand on Heart

    While we are not personally able to travel to the Funeral Directors to take fingerprints, we can certainly supply them with one of our fingerprint kits so that they are able to take prints themselves. If you would like any more information on this process, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team at

  • Caroline Orchard

    Hi do you go to funeral directors to do finger prints, if so how much do you charge please

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