Memorial Fingerprint Jewellery

Memorial Fingerprint Jewellery

Perfectly Designed

with memorial in mind

Everything you need to know about Memorial Fingerprint Jewellery

All of our standard Fingerprint Jewellery uses a close up section of the fingerprint rather than the full fingerprint. While this gives a beautiful detailed result for most fingerprints, we find that memorial prints typically lack the detailed definition that this process requires. For us, creating the perfect result for our customers is essential and we never wanted to tell anyone their loved one's print was not quite clear enough to be used. We made it our mission to develop a process which would capture more detail than standard fingerprint jewellery. Our Memorial Fingerprint Jewellery uses the full fingerprint in the Jewellery, keeping the shape of the print and picks up exceptional fine detail

The "standard" style involves a process where we enhance the print, ensuring it's clear, detailed, and shaped perfectly within an oval space. This type of imprint demands a highly detailed, sharp print to begin with to achieve an enhanced finish.

Our "memorial" range was specifically created to honour prints that might have less detail. It's an unenhanced style, where we use the full print as it is, without any modifications. This range was developed alongside Funeral Homes to ensure that prints with softer details or less clarity can be incorporated into our jewellery, preserving the authenticity and significance of the print.

No they don't. We can generally work with any ink fingerprint. For us, it's an honour to be trusted to create such special pieces, and we want to be able to offer this to everyone, not just those who have used our kits

Funeral Directors don't generally take Fingerprints unless it's part of a service they offer, or you personally requested it. We're proud to be partnered with Funeral Directors all over the UK who now offer to take the Fingerprints using our kits. As Fingerprint Jewellery becomes more and more popular, we expect more Funeral Directors to offer this service

We understand how precious the original fingerprint will be to you. For this reason, we don't request the original print and can work with a good photocopy, scan or photograph of the print

11 products

11 products

Using the true prints from your passed loved one, create a piece of Memorial Fingerprint Jewellery to keep them close to your heart forever. Memorial Fingerprints are typically different to work with, but our specialist designers are extremely experienced and skilled in extracting the very best detail to feature on your piece. If using memorial prints, we strongly recommend ordering from this range rather than our other Fingerprint Jewellery to obtain the very best result.

We can use prints that you already have, or you can request that the funeral director takes the prints for you before the funeral. We already work with a vast number of funeral directors throughout the UK and can send the kit directly to them if you prefer. Of course, following a loss, it's absolutely understandable if you're not ready to decide on jewellery at the time. In this situation, we advise you to order a printing kit and obtain the prints for future use. There's no time limit once you have the prints, we're here when you're ready.