Pawprint Leather Bracelet
Pawprint Leather Bracelet

Pawprint Leather Bracelet

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A truly unique keepsake, the Pawprint Leather Bracelet features the true pawprint of your beloved pet. This lovely design can be created with up to two beads, each bead featuring one pawprint on the front a name or date on the reverse. This bracelet comes in black leather and closes with a robust stainless steel grip clasp. Your finished piece of Jewellery will come beautifully presented in a Hand on Heart Jewellery Box and delivered to your door.

Please be aware that this bracelet is made from leather, a natural material that will naturally degrade over time. While it is designed to last for life, it should be worn with care to maintain its condition. Regular exposure to high levels of wear and tear, especially moisture, can accelerate this degradation. Therefore, we recommend being particularly cautious to keep the bracelet dry and handle it gently during everyday use.

Material: Leather Bracelet & Sterling Silver Beads
Charm Size: Approx 14mm x 8mm (1mm thick)
Bracelet: Two leather bands measuring 10mm thick and 5mm wide
Packaging: Luxury Hand on Heart Gift Box and a copy of the original prints used to create your design

Ordering Jewellery with your pet's paw is now a breeze with our simple, streamlined process. Start by personalising your design via our available options. You can provide prints using a mess-free kit we'll send you, use existing prints you might have, or even use prints from a previous order you may have placed. 

Once you have placed your order and have your prints ready, simply snap a photo of them and head to our Magic Print Uploader Here. Remember to keep your order number handy, which is available in your Order Confirmation Email. View more details >

If your design includes engraving in our own font, please note that this will be completed in lower case with a capital letter at the beginning of names and messages. Initials will be in Capital letters. Need inspiration? Discover our blog on 50 Beautiful Inscription Ideas.

This design comes with a Lifetime No-Fade Guarantee, which means that if the prints or text fade on your jewellery due to a fault with the piece, we will repair or remake it free of charge.

All our chains and additional elements come with a one-year guarantee. We urge you to regularly check for any wear and tear and to adhere to the care instructions meticulously to preserve the longevity of your piece.

As you place your order, our current turnaround will be clearly displayed on the product page, at checkout and on your order confirmation email. A 7 day express service, if available, will be also be offered at checkout. For more details on delivery please visit here >

International Delivery
International delivery is available to the ROI, USA, Australia and New Zealand only. More info > 

Leather is a natural material that requires extra care to maintain its best appearance. To keep your leather jewellery looking its best, follow these guidelines:

- Keep your leather jewellery out of direct sunlight and away from direct heat.
- Avoid contact with chemicals such as perfume and body lotion.
- Regularly check the fixings and fittings to ensure they are functioning correctly and are not damaged.

- Wear your leather jewellery while exercising or performing manual work; remember to remove it first.
- Expose your leather jewellery to water. Water can cause the natural dye to run and weaken the leather. If your bracelet does get wet, gently wipe it with a dry, non-abrasive cloth and let it dry completely at room temperature.

Can you use prints of any size? 
Absolutely. All prints are miniaturised, keeping all of their unique detail, meaning that no print is too big or too small for our process.

Do the prints have to have been taken on paper?
Ideally, we require an ink print taken on paper for the best results. In some circumstances, we have been able to work with moulds of prints, or even a clear photograph of the paw pads. Please contact us if this is your only option. 

Will my pet's furry paws impact the print quality?
No need to fret about any fur markings surrounding the pads of your pet's paws. Our adept designers are highly experienced in isolating the distinct details of the pad and will meticulously clean up any smears or marks.

How do I care for my Jewellery?
All of our Jewellery comes with full care instructions. You can also read more here.

I already have a piece of Jewellery, can I add to it?
Most of our Jewellery isn't suitable to add more prints to. You can view more information here.

Is there a time limit for providing prints?
When you place an order with us, we secure a design slot to create your unique handcrafted piece, typically requiring your prints within 8-12 days. For international orders, we ask for prints within 28 days. If you miss this date, you have up to 12 weeks to send them, though this extends delivery to 6 weeks from receipt. Please see more information here

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