Timeframes for providing prints

How long from placing my order do I have to supply my prints?
Each unique piece is individually handcrafted by a designer, and we secure a design slot for your item the moment you place your order. This method allows us to confidently provide you with a delivery date at the point of purchase, given the restrictions on the volume of orders we can fulfil at any given moment. You'll find the due date for your prints clearly shown during checkout, in your confirmation email, and on your printing kits. Typically, this date falls within a range of 8-12 days from the time of your order, although it may vary slightly with the season.

International Orders
Given the unpredictable nature of international shipping, we are unable to provide a specific delivery date at the time of purchase. We kindly request that prints or artwork be uploaded within 28 days of either placing your order or receiving your print kit.

What should I do if I'm unable to submit my prints/artwork by the specified deadline?
If the submission date for your prints expires, there's no need for concern. You still have a grace period of up to 12 weeks from the date of your order to return your artwork. Please note, in such instances, delivery will occur within 6 weeks from the time we receive your artwork. Remember to consider this timeframe if your order is intended for a specific date.

What occurs if I fail to submit my prints within 12 weeks of ordering?
Should we not receive your artwork within a 12-week period from the date you placed your order, we will unfortunately have to cancel your order without issuing a refund. Consequently, we kindly request that you place an order only if you are capable of providing prints within this timeframe. If the purchase is intended as a gift or for a future birth, we suggest opting for gift vouchers, which have a validity period of 2 years.