Adding further charms to your collection

The majority of our jewellery pieces are designed to shine on its own and therefore are unsuitable for the addition of extra charms.

But, we get that sometimes you want to add your own touch. That's why we made our Collection Range. It's specially made so you can add more charms to it. This lets you change up your jewellery and make it tell your own story, whenever you want to.

The reason behind this is that attaching another charm to your necklace chain can cause the silver charms to collide and grind against each other. This friction can lead to scratches on your charms and potentially cause damage that can't be fixed. While sterling silver is a sturdy material, it's still susceptible to scratching when it comes into contact with another metal. Please note, adding more than one charm to a necklace will lead to the cancellation of your warranty.

Even though we typically advise against adding new charms to existing jewellery pieces, we have numerous options for you to safely introduce another charm into your collection. Some suggestions are:

  • Wear an additional necklace at a varied length to achieve a fashionable layered look
  • Add another bracelet to your ensemble for a layered effect
  • Pair a matching bracelet with your necklace
  • Craft a fresh piece that combines both your original and new prints

Although we can't append prints to current charms, a viable option is to create an entirely new piece that includes both your original and new prints. You might find that the cost of integrating two prints into a single charm isn't significantly higher. We would be more than glad to provide further guidance on this matter.

Indeed, our descending necklaces feature two charms on a single necklace. However, they are affixed to the same jump ring, minimising motion and preventing any harm to the charms. We can incorporate this feature only during the initial creation of the necklace, and unfortunately, we are unable to add further charms in this manner at a later stage.

Throughout our journey spanning over 14 years, we've seen our processes evolve in sync with technological advancements and the growth of our company. This means the charms we craft today bear notable differences from the ones we made in the early years. Each piece we create carries its own unique appeal and may not resemble a piece from the past, particularly if they were bought at different times. Please note, we don't assure an exact match between charms purchased separately.

It's important to know that we sell charms exclusively when they're securely attached to our necklaces or bracelets. This guarantees your jewellery's safety and suitability for use. The only exceptions are charms crafted specifically for our collection ranges and those made compatible with Pandora bracelets. Please be aware that removing a charm from our fittings will result in the cancellation of your warranty.