Uploading Prints to your order

How do I upload my prints to my order?
Uploading your prints is super easy! Simply take a photograph of the prints and visit our Magic Print Uploader Here. You'll need your order number, which you'll find on your Order Confirmation Email.

Can I upload multiple prints?
You can only upload one photo at a time when using the uploader. If supplying more than one image, simply submit each photograph separately.

How will you know whose print is whose?
When submitting your prints, you will be asked for the name and age of the person to whom the prints belong to. If you are supplying prints of more than one person, remember to fill out separate forms for each print so the correct name and age are applied to the image. This information is sent directly to our design team so that we can make sure your order is created perfectly.

How will I know which print is being used to create my order?
If you have a specific print you wish to be used on your order, please mark the print by circling it or popping a star or arrow next to it so that our design team knows which one to work with. Otherwise, your designer will proceed with your order using the print they believe will give a good result. If, when your prints are received, our designers feel the prints may not provide a good result, a member of the team will contact you to discuss the options available.

Will you let me know when my prints have been received?
When supplying your prints or artwork via our magic print uploader, an automatic email will be sent to confirm a successful upload. The design team will then contact you via email to confirm the suitability of the print/artwork and confirm your estimated dispatch date - this is usually within 5 working days of upload. If you have paid for an express service, your prints/artwork will be processed within 1 working day.

Will my prints be cleaned up or edited?
Prints or artwork are not altered in any way, as this would take away from the unique idea of using loved ones' prints and the prints will appear on the jewellery as they are in the images supplied. However, our designers will remove any unwanted marks or smudges from around the artwork or prints.