Taking prints with our magic printing kits

How do I get a Magic Print Kit to take the prints?
When placing your order, please select "Send me a Free Printing Kit" from the options. Your kit/s will be dispatched within two working days of your order being placed via 1st Class Royal Mail. 'Express Service' orders will have kits dispatched within 1 working day by Royal Mail Special Delivery.

How easy is it to take the prints using the kit?
These kits are designed with young babies, wriggly toddlers and pets in mind! There's no ink or mess involved. You can view our video of taking some prints from a baby here.

How many kits will be in the pack?
There will be one kit per person in the pack.

Can I have more kits?
One kit provides ample space to fill an A4 size paper with prints. However, if you wish to purchase extra kits, you can do so here.

Can I take the prints before ordering the Jewellery?
Yes, of course. You can order kits without purchasing Jewellery here. If you later decide to order jewellery, select "I already have prints I want to use" from the options when placing your order.

Are the kits safe?
Absolutely. Our Inkless printing kits are from a supplier in the USA who also supplies all the maternity hospitals with these kits. They are designed for taking newborn handprints, as in the US this is used for identification purposes. We have been using these kits for over 14 years and have never had any issues with skin irritation. With all solutions applied to the skin, there is a small chance of irritation so these wipes do have to hold warnings to comply with any product designed to touch the skin. We spend a lot of time researching and testing all of our products and would never use anything that would harm any child, adult or pet.