13 Things We Love About Hand on Heart Jewellery

13 Things We Love About Hand on Heart Jewellery

Hand on Heart Jewellery is officially in its teens! We’re so excited to celebrate our birthday this summer. It’s been an incredible thirteen years in business, creating beautiful personalised jewellery with heart and soul for our amazing customers. We’re marking the occasion with special celebrations (and birthday cake, of course!) and we also thought we’d look back over the years and celebrate thirteen things we love about Hand on Heart Jewellery. 

1. Our Team

The Hand on Heart studio is a hive of talented people – they’re the ones who make our brand so special and unique. We’re totally dedicated to the happiness, wellbeing and personal development of our exceptional team. Their contentment is incredibly important to us, and we’re proud to provide a friendly and welcoming workplace where people can grow, learn and hone their skills. We take pride in the fact that each evening, they can walk out the door knowing they have contributed to creating something unique that our customers will love and treasure forever. 

 Team Hand on Heart Jewellery

2. Our Stunning Studio

Hand on Heart is based just outside the Lake District in Cumbria (Northern England), and our studio is picturesque perfection. You couldn’t ask for a more tranquil, beautiful place to work. The studio is situated in a peaceful courtyard with cobbled paths and an orchard dotted with picnic benches, surrounded by rolling hills and stunning countryside. Every piece of jewellery is made here, carefully checked and gorgeously wrapped, to create that perfect moment when you see your jewellery for the first time.

 Hand on Heart Jewellery Studio

3. Our Magic Process

We’re proud to create jewellery with heart and soul. We’ve been doing this for the last thirteen years, using processes and techniques that are unique to us. All our jewellery is created with love, care and attention, but there’s also a sprinkle of special magic which goes into our print jewellery – and that’s our magic printing kit, supplied free with every order for print jewellery. Just like magic, you simply wipe the included wet wipe over the hand or foot, press onto the printing kit and watch the print miraculously appear out of nowhere!

Inkless Print Kits - Personalised Handprint Jewellery 

4. Our Amazing Customers

Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of getting to know our customers. We love hearing the incredible heartfelt stories behind the jewellery we create, and all customer feedback is truly appreciated. The greatest advertising we can enjoy as a business is word of mouth from satisfied customers, which is a privilege and an honour we’ll never take for granted. This is especially important for our memorial jewellery range, and we completely understand and appreciate what a sensitive and personal process this is. Our outstanding reviews are testament to the expertise of our staff, who deal with each order professionally, with care and attention – and, of course, compassion, especially for the memorial pieces.


“Thank you so much for my beautiful necklace. I think of my wonderful dog every day, and it’s comforting to have a little part of her.”


“Thank you so much for my amazing ring. Your service was 5* communication all the way through the process. Amazing finished ring, now I get to keep my sister close to me every day.”


“Outstanding. 10 out of 10 from start to finish. Very helpful and quick to reply. This is my third order, and it certainly won’t be my last.”


“I lost my little girl and have never felt pain like it. I had her print done on a necklace so she is always by my side. Absolutely perfect and just amazing support from the team.”


“I purchased the ashes locket and had it personalised with my late grandad’s handwriting. The writing on my locket is perfect, I am so happy with my purchase and will be ordering again.”


“Losing my Dad in April was the worst experience of my whole life. My friends kindly gave me money to buy a necklace to remember Dad. The necklace is absolutely beautiful and the fingerprint and handwriting are perfect. Being able to put some of Dad’s ashes in the necklace brings me great comfort. Not only is Dad inside my heart but also close to it. Thank you so much.”


5. Growing Team HoH

It’s always an exciting time when we welcome new people to our growing Hand on Heart team! This is what our Managing Director, Amanda Dixon, said about recruitment: “As a business owner, fostering a work environment that is diverse, inclusive, and free of bias is incredibly important to me. I believe that my team should be given every opportunity to realise their dream, just as I have been able to. I am truly lucky to have an amazing team at Hand on Heart Jewellery and growing the company over the past thirteen years has enabled me to offer opportunities for talented people who can grow with the company and develop careers in something they truly love.” We think having an Managing Director like Amanda who is so interested and invested in the development of her team is one of the best aspects of working at Hand on Heart; we feel truly supported in our professional development and in pursuing our career aspirations here.

 Team Hand on Heart Jewellery

6. Adorable Baby Prints

No matter how many we see, we’ll never get over the cuteness of baby prints – there’s just something about those little fingers and toes that make you melt! While we’re lucky to have been able to expand our jewellery ranges over the last thirteen years (not forgetting how adorable the little pawprints are too!) we’ll never forget the very first piece we ever created, which was a tiny handprint on a heart necklace.

 Baby Handprint Jewellery

7. Our Limited-edition Designs

We love our classic designs, but occasionally, we create a unique design for a limited time only, and it’s always really exciting! Some designs are so popular that they actually become permanent designs due to such high demand! For example, our foil prints. We received such incredible feedback from our customers about the foil prints that we decided to make them a permanent fixture in our collections. It’s always amazing to discover new designs that resonate with customers, and we’re constantly exploring new options we can introduce to our collections.

Personalised Jewellery 

8. Crafting Sentimental Memorial Jewellery

It’s a true honour to create unique keepsakes that allow our customers to always keep their loved ones close. We’re all too aware that while many pieces are celebrating the happiest times in life, often, our pieces are remembrance jewellery to help a bereaved family through an incredibly difficult time. We don’t take this responsibility lightly, and we understand how important it is to deliver the very best we can, each and every time. Our Hand on Heart memorial jewellery captures a memory of a loved one and is a truly beautiful way to keep them and that memory close – either through cremation ashes, fingerprints, pawprints, hair or handwriting. 

It's a real honour to be able to help our customers through a tough time following a loss and we have worked hard to create a database of help and advice for our customers, you can browse our blog posts here.

Memorial Jewellery 

9. Giving Back

We’re immensely proud to be partnered with Grief Encounter. Grief Encounter was founded by Dr Shelley Gilbert MBE in 2004. Its mission is to give every child and young person access to the best possible support following the death of someone close. The charity works closely with individuals, families, schools and professionals to offer a way through the anxiety, fear and isolation so often caused by grief. Their services include:

  • One-to-one counselling
  • Group workshops
  • Music, art and drama therapy
  • Residentials and family fun days
  • A national, free and confidential helpline and instant web chat called grieftalk 
  • Bespoke support for schools, universities and colleges
  • A dedicated Trauma Team for support following a sudden or traumatic bereavement.

We’re delighted to be partnered with them to spread the word about their amazing work, together with joining their fundraising efforts. To find out more, please visit their website: https://www.griefencounter.org.uk/

 Grief Encounter


10. The Food (especially Ellie’s cakes)

When we’re not working hard creating beautiful jewellery, we’re probably eating. We love a good snack here at Hand on Heart and can often be found tucking into a sweet treat created by our very own queen of cakes, Ellie. Some of our favourite bakes of hers include her beautiful Birthday Cakes and perfectly decorated cupcakes. They’re the perfect fuel for our hard-working studio team! 

 Cakes Hand on Heart Jewellery

11. Pets, Pets and more Pets

It’s no secret that we’re pet obsessed at Hand on Heart Jewellery and we love nothing more than seeing a photo of whose pawprint we have used to create a unique keepsake! We’ve created jewellery featuring prints from fabulous felines, perfect pugs, sassy spaniels and lovely labradors. One example of an Insta-pet we’ve worked with a wonderful Weimaraner called Skylar van Dyke, who’s a professional dog model! She’s worked with some fantastic brands and is the perfect model for the stunning photographs across her Instagram feed. We love seeing her adventures and dog-friendly travels around the UK with her pawrents. For more shots of fabulous Insta-pets and their very impressive model poses, take a look at our Insta-pets blog.

You can also find out about Team HoH's very own four legged-friends and our favourite pieces of Pawprint Jewellery in our blog post here.

 Personalised Pawprint Jewellery

12. Christmas Festivities

If you follow us on social media, you’ll be well aware of how busy Christmas is here at Hand on Heart HQ and how much we absolutely love the festive period. (We firmly believe ‘It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year’!) Our preparations start early – it’s all hands on deck from September onwards, ensuring we can create as many unique pieces of jewellery as possible. We're also chock-full of advice on the very best Christmas gifts, see our gift guides and more here.

We might be running on gingerbread lattes, advent calendar chocolate and Christmas songs 95% of the time, but it’s worth it knowing how many people will have a Hand on Heart box under the tree on Christmas Day morning!

 Personalised Christmas Jewellery

13. Last But Not Least, Our Mission

Our Hand on Heart collections are not your average jewellery. We pride ourselves on creating handmade pieces that capture your precious memories and will be treasured for a lifetime. It’s true what we say about making jewellery with heart and soul – this is at the very core of absolutely everything we do. We don’t believe in trends or throwaway jewellery; we craft stunning pieces that capture sentimental memories, look beautiful and will stand the test of time – and we’re so proud to do it.


Personalised Memorial Keepsake Jewellery


  • Team HoH x

    Thank you so much for your heartfelt message, Martyn. We’re thrilled to hear that you’re delighted with the necklaces you recently ordered and that they are helping you keep a precious memory close.

    Providing a first-class service is our top priority, and we’re delighted that you found the necklaces brilliantly presented and packaged. Your satisfaction means the world to us, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to be a part of preserving your precious memories.

    If there’s anything more we can do for you or if you have any further feedback to share, please don’t hesitate to reach out – Team HoH x

  • Martyn Hartley

    Dear all,
    Just to say a huge thank you for the fantastic necklaces we recently ordered. First class service from you guys, with the necklaces coming brilliantly presented and packaged. Thanks again for helping me keep a precious memory.

  • Team HoH x

    Thank you so much for your kind words. It’s touching to know that the moment you opened the box and saw the necklace was so beautiful and special. We take great care to make the entire experience thoughtful and lovely, and we’re glad it meant so much to you. Thank you for choosing us, and we truly appreciate your support and love during this time. 💕- Team HoH x

  • Susan Mantle

    It took me 2 hrs to open , as my necklace ashes were my daughters Sarah, when I did it was just the most beautiful moment , from opening the box to how lovely and thoughtful the whole experience was , I love you all it is just amazing how special this all is , the tear drop necklace is so special , I have her with me for ever, massive thank you Chloe 💕 for making my teardrop necklace 💕

  • Team HoH x

    Thank you for your wonderful comments Claudia. If you could pop us an email to studio@handonheartjewellery.co.uk I can look into our self-fill ashes collection further for you as well as advise on our fingerprint keyring designs.
    Thank you in advance – Team HoH x

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