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As seen in...The Cumberland and Westmorland Herald

We were excited to open our local newspaper recently and see Hand on Heart featured inside! 

The Cumberland and Westmorland Herald wrote a lovely piece about our thirteenth anniversary and the Hand on Heart story – growing from a kitchen table to a flourishing business with fifteen employees. 

In the article, our managing director, Amanda Dixon, looked back over the last thirteen years and how Hand on Heart has grown since its launch in 2009. 

She said: “I had the idea for Hand on Heart when I realised there was a gap in the market for personalised jewellery. I wanted something to represent my baby; however, there was nothing out there. So, my sister and I set up the kitchen table and started trying it ourselves – it was from that moment that we came up with the idea of hand-printed jewellery.”

Fast-forward thirteen years and each piece of jewellery is handmade by our expert jewellery design team based at our Penrith studio. In the article, Amanda also discussed how it takes three years to become a fully qualified Hand on Heart jewellery designer. 

Hand on Heart Jewellery

Speaking of the training process, Amanda said: “The length of time it takes to train new staff has been an important consideration in our growth – it takes three years to become fully qualified, so we’ve had to bear that in mind as we’ve expanded. However, it’s worth the wait because our team are absolutely fantastic – they are highly skilled thanks to the in-depth training, and it means we can confidently maintain high standards, with an expert eye for detail in each unique piece that we create.”

Incredibly, our team has now created more than 250,000 unique pieces of jewellery for customers around the world! We’re delighted to celebrate everything Hand on Heart has achieved, and it feels very special to look back at the growth of the business over the last thirteen years. 

It was great to be featured in the Cumberland & Westmorland Herald, as it’s fantastic to have the support of the local media. We’ve enjoyed thirteen incredible years so far, and we’re very excited to see what the future holds! 

Did you see the piece in the Cumberland & Westmorland Herald? Let us know what you thought! 

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