Did you spot us?

On the 15th April, a bright friday morning, we were thrilled to have some of our best selling childrens drawing jewellery products live on one of Britain’s most popular lifestyle programmes. This Morning were planning on a feature “Minimalistic Memories” in their upcoming friday episode and approached us about our beautiful sterling silver personalised jewellery range that feature childrens drawings.

Minimalistic Memories from ITV's This Morning

The production team fell in love with the childrens jewellery range that our specialist design team create that they requested some of our best selling products to be apart of the “Minimalistic Memories” feature. The best part of the process was seeing the precious drawings created by Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford’s son Jack at the tender age of 7 as well as Steve Martin’s childrens drawings from a wonderful family camping holiday. We chose to feature the drawings on a variety of jewellery we provide for this level of personalisation. Cufflinks, keyrings, necklaces and bracelets are a few examples of the stunning childrens jewellery produced at Hand on Heart to help families relive precious memories. Our favourite piece was the lovely piece we created for Ruth Langsford, an engraved childrens drawing necklace featuring the self portrait her son Jack produced when he was 7 years young.

Our Childrens Drawing Range

The “Minimalistic Memories” segment was a lovely, uplifting topic which highlighted the common issue of what parents do with a lot of their childrens drawings. There were some other wonderful ideas of how parents could pick out a particularly fond memory and create it into a product that will last forever. For Eamonn, we engraved his son’s self portrait onto a pair of stainless steel cufflinks which is a precious memory that he can always remember next time he puts them on his shirt cuffs. For presenter Steve Martin, we received his talented daughter’s drawing of all the family members on a camping holiday which we transferred onto a stainless steel which is an exact replica from the original. Both of these products can also be viewed in our personalised mens jewellery range. As well, our handcrafted triple wrap leather bracelet featured 4 seperate sterling silver charms with each family member engraved that would make an ideal present for fathers day.

We hope that the childrens drawing jewellery range provides comfort for families dealing with vast amounts that they would love to keep but can not possibly do so. The beauty with these childrens drawing jewellery items is that parents and grandparent or friends can pick a special memory and convert it to a beautiful jewellery piece that will be priceless to the receiver.

Eamonn loved our work!

We look forward to helping Eamonn with that personalised ring that he is looking for in the future and to provide a solution to families who are looking to treasure their favourite childrens drawings forever with a precious piece of keepsake jewellery. Our previous blog post details some further information about our childrens jewellery range and some wonderful ideas on other ways you can help preserve those precious memories from your chidrens' upbringing.