Sterling Silver fingerprint jewellery is a beautiful way to capture the true fingerprint from a loved one and here at Hand on Heart Jewellery we have spent years mastering the perfect technique. It is a design that is hihgly popular with women and can be found in the personalised mens jewellery range too.

One of the first parts of making a stunning fingerprint charm is to plan your design. Spending time researching the best design, shape and material is very important to make sure the piece will last a lifetime. Our designers always draw out a new design so we can make sure the size is correct, that the fittings are going to sit in the correct place and it is not going to be too heavy to wear on the selected piece of jewellery.

how to make fingerprint jewellery

After finalising a design, the correct materials need to be sourced. We always use Sterling Silver as we find this the hardest wearing material. Some other type of silver, such as pure or 99.99% silver, are too soft to be used for everyday jewellery and can quickly become out of shape, marked or scratched.


New fingerprint jewellery designs in the making

Next, you need to capture the fingerprint you would like to use. We suggest fingerprints from 6 years+ as these are more defined. However, some younger children and babies can have a more defined fingerprint, but it does vary from person to person. Once the fingerprint has been selected, we then need to create a cast which will later be impressed into the sterling silver.

How to take fingerprints for jewellery

The raw silver is then weighed out and shaped into the desired shape. Then the fingerprint cast is set into place and impressed into the sterling silver. Once the designer is happy with the layout the raw silver is dried in a kiln. Next any edges need to be smoothed out, using a small drill we are able to make any holes needed and we make sure that the piece is ready for the final stages.

At this stage the piece will then be placed into a kiln and fired twice, once on a low heat to burn away binders and then a higher heat to fuse the Sterling Silver. This stage takes a long time and we need to wait for everything to cool before we continue. Once the piece has cooled, we then move on to polishing. All our polishing is done by hand as we can achieve the best results this way. The piece is polished with several grades of polishing cloths to get the best shine possible, this takes a while but is very satisfying seeing the piece coming to life. We then use our own brand of silver polish clothes to get a stunning, almost mirror finish to the charm. These clothes are also great for cleaning silver and can be found here.


Finished fingerprint descending necklace


So we have our finished piece, any final fittings are now attached and the piece of beautiful fingerprint jewellery is ready to wear. Do you have a different technique on how to make fingerprint jewellery? We would love to hear about it.

fingerprint jewellery