With Father’s Day soon approaching, we look into further detail on what Dads like the most when it comes to gifts. It is commonly the case that most people run out of ideas on what to get their Father when he is the man who has got everything. The majority like to keep it cheap and cheerful with offerings of sweet treats which all in all is a thoughtful and delicious idea. Others like to go down the practical route and reward their Dad with presents they know he would like and find useful. Dads can never have too many socks! Sometimes it is easier knowing about what Dad’s hobbies are, like gardening for example and finding a gift relevant in the field.

According to statistics, a quarter of all families in the UK are brought up by single parents. That is about 2 million parents in total. This brings into question the topic of quality family time. When it comes to single parents, it can be difficult to incorporate this motto when you are not always with your children. But it brings to light that when it is your turn with the kids, it is all about them and so it should be. Children are every Dad's pride and joy.

More increasingly, women are the breadwinners of the family whilst the Dads stay at home to look after the household and children. This is one of the best scenarios for Dads as it helps nurture that bonding process between Father and child in the early years. Women who breastfeed and have that natural, maternal instinct can sometimes become dominant for the man. It also helps mothers have a break from childcare whilst the Dads take care of the duties.

On the other hand, hard working Dads making a good enough income to take home to their families are often the ones who are physically not able to see their children grow up due to long hours and possibly working away. Meaning that when it comes to being home with the family, every working Father would agree it is a precious time and something he will always cherish and make the most of.

Shockingly looking at another angle, from a study conducted by the BBC, there are approximately one million children growing up without a Father due to circumstances and family breakdowns. This seems unimaginable to think but it just comes down to praising those mothers doing an incredible job bringing up their offspring single handed.

The common trait seen within these story segments is down to personal circumstances. Everyone has a story to tell, the struggles and challenges they have faced to reach some of their amazing achievements and it is all down to the moments you have shared with your nearest and dearest. Those personal chats, those smiles and those tears. Every moment is priceless with your family. Treat the Father in the family to a different gift this year and reward him with a piece of personalisation that he will never forget.

Parents yearn for the early days, cherishing those home videos and your ‘age 5 drawings’. Surprise Dad with some of our personalised mens jewellery. The options are endless when it comes to our fathers day gifts for Dad, you can have your children's childhood drawings on a pair of cufflinks or your offspring's fingerprints handcrafted into a sterling silver charm for his bracelet or necklace. We would love to hear your memories with the family man and what makes him so special. We hope you enjoyed this light read and now have got a good idea of what to do for Father's Day this year.