Supplying Prints - Timeframe

As we make each piece individually, it's really important that every design is allocated the correct time to deliver the quality that we do. As such, when you place an order, a design slot is reserved for you. To ensure that this design slot doesn't go to waste, we politely request that you supply your prints, artwork or sound-clip to us within 7 days from ordering. Prints supplied later than this may result in a delay with your order. Prints received after 12 weeks of ordering may result in your order being cancelled and a store credit being issued. Failure to supply any prints within 24 months will result in your order being cancelled.

Special Offers

We love running special offers when we can! We're always very careful to make sure that we don't take more orders than we can fulfil during these popular promotions. To ensure that we can run these promotions, an allocated design slot is given to each order as it is placed. Please return your prints within 7 days. If we receive your prints after 14 days from placing your order using a special offer, we regret that the offer will no longer be valid. In this situation, we can issue you with a store credit which you can either spend straight away or you can use the credit to take advantage of a future special offer.  

Gift Vouchers

All gift vouchers and Gift Packs are valid for 2 years from purchase and can be used with any special offer.