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Creating a piece of Handwriting Jewellery is so much easy than most people expect...

We've made providing the Handwriting for your Jewellery super quick and easy with our Handwriting Uploader. Simply take a photograph of the handwriting that you'd like to feature on your Jewellery and either upload it to your order as you check-out, or you can upload it at a later time if it's not to hand.

We've been making Handwriting Jewellery for nearly 14 years and due to the progression in technology, our process has changed significantly over the years. Our unique process now uses a combination of both traditional Jewellery making skills and advanced laser machinary.

Absolutely. We can work with any handwriting and we have lots of parents who create beautiful keepsakes using their childs true handwriting.

We can create our Handwriting Jewellery using a sample of handwriting taken from almost anywhere. Our Designers are specialists in carefully miniaturing the handwriting, while keeping it an exact replica of that you provide.

Absolutely. We often have customers provide us with a number of different notes and request that we take certain words out of each to create their Handwriting Jewellery. If you would like to discuss this futher, please don't hesitate to Contact Us and we'll do everything we can to help.


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2 products

2 products

Turn a piece of writing into a special piece of Handwriting Jewellery. Working with a photograph of the handwriting, we very carefully engrave the writing into beautiful silver jewellery and gifts. Turn an old note into a sentimental Handwriting Bracelet, or a message from inside a greetings card into a Handwriting Necklace. The choices are endless meaning that there's the perfect design waiting to be created for you.

All we need to create your bespoke design is a clear photograph of the handwriting that you would like to use. Our specialist designers will work with the writing to ensure that it fits on your piece of Jewellery while remaining readable.