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Popular Keepsake Hair Jewellery Questions

Using the hair that you provide, our specialist Designers very carefully set individual strands of hair into a very hard setting resin. We have a beautiful choice of colours to choose from making each peice completely individual.

The visibility of the hair really depends on the colour of the hair. Darker hair will typically be more visible than fair hair.

We only need a very small amount of hair so you will be able to retain some for your own safe keeping. Any ashes or hair that we don't use will be returned to you with your finished order. 

On receipt of your order, we will send you a Hair Collection Kit. Simply put the hair into the enclosed bag and return to us. You can return the pack free of charge by putting it in any Royal Mail post box, or you can take to the post office and send via Special Delivery if you prefer.

Absolutely, the process is exactly the same for both human and pet hair. Pet Hair Jewellery is becoming a popular way to keep a tangible keepsake of your best friend with you forever.

Your Hair Collection Pack will be dispatched by first class post within 1 working day from placing your order. Our current turnaround time will be clearly displayed as you place your order 

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