Cremation Ashes Jewellery

Questions to Consider When Choosing a Person or Company to Make Your Cremation Ashes Jewellery

Choosing your cremation ashes jewellery is an important decision as the nature of the jewellery is emotional and sentimental. Deciding to create cremation ashes jewellery typically happens at a difficult time when you’ve lost somebody you love and want to honour their memory. Due to the sensitivity of the jewellery’s nature, you want to be sure to pick the right person or company for your cremation ashes jewellery.

There are some factors to look for and questions to ask or bear in mind when choosing a person or company to make your precious cremation ashes jewellery.

Firstly, how do they make jewellery from cremation ash? Is the process different to other companies?

At Hand on Heart, our cremation ashes jewellery has a unique appearance, unlike other ashes jewellery. When designing our ranges, we specifically wanted to create a beautiful 3D illusion of the ashes floating in the jewellery, rather than a flat appearance. We create this unique style by carefully layering tiny pieces of cremation ashes between layers of liquid resin. The process requires a steady hand, an eye for detail and unlimited care and attention. Making Cremation Ashes JewelleryHow much of the ashes do they need you to provide?

We only need a minimal amount of ashes. Providing the ashes is easy, using the ashes collection kit we’ll send you upon placing your order. Using the measuring spoon supplied in the kit, carefully put the ashes into the special bag, seal it, and return the kit free of charge.

What is the company’s turnaround time?

At Hand on Heart, we will send out your ashes collection pack within one business day upon receiving your order. This will be delivered by Royal Mail and will conveniently arrive through your door without needing a signature. We kindly request that you return the Ashes Collection Pack to us within 7 days of receipt. This aids us in managing our workflow and preventing an overwhelming influx of ashes all at once. However, we understand that circumstances might not always permit this. Please be assured that if you cannot return the ashes within the 7-day period, we offer a flexible extension of up to 6 weeks. Upon receipt of the ashes in our studio, the creation of your bespoke piece will begin. We estimate around 21 days for this crafting and dispatch process.

Does the company offer a guarantee?

We’re proud and delighted to offer a 12 month guarantee to our customers on our ashes jewellery, ensuring the longevity of your jewellery and honouring a loved one’s memory. Please be aware that this guarantee is subject to conditions. Misuse (including water contact), damage, removal from original fittings, addition to another piece of jewellery, or use with unapproved accessories may void the guarantee. Additional fittings such as chains, jump rings, and bracelets carry a 12-month guarantee. Find out more about our guarantee information.

What are the company’s delivery options?

Once completed, your order will be dispatched using a Royal Mail tracked service. After we post your order, it usually takes 2-3 days to arrive at your doorstep.  

What are their payment options?

Payment options are also an important consideration, as some pieces are more expensive than others, so you might want to look at options to spread the cost. That’s why we offer Klarna to give our customers the choice of flexible payments, should they wish to do so. Cremation Ashes JewelleryDoes the company offer aftercare advice?

Every order from us arrives with comprehensive instructions on maintaining your jewellery’s optimal condition.

  • Always remove your jewellery before it comes into contact with water, such as during bathing, exercising, or cleaning.
  • Regular polishing with a sterling silver polish cloth will help maintain its shine and beauty.
  • Your keepsake should be stored in its original box, in a cool and dry place, and kept separate from other jewellery items.
  • Protect your jewellery from prolonged sun exposure/heat, and avoid wearing it while sunbathing.
  • Never expose your jewellery to direct artificial UV light, including nail lamps and sun beds.

You can also read more about this on our jewellery care blog.

We hope this blog has helped you navigate some of the things to look for and the questions to ask or remember when choosing a person or company to make your precious cremation ashes jewellery. As always, our friendly customer service team is always on hand to answer any questions about cremation ashes jewellery.

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