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Most popular baby names for 2022

These Are Expected to be The Most Popular Baby Names in 2022!

It’s always exciting to hear the most popular baby names every year. It’s quite a fascinating subject, and we understand that all new parents must feel the pressure to get the name of their baby just right. 

Luckily, for any expectant parents, the experts at Nameberry have released the official list of their predictions for the most popular baby names in 2022! It’s a very interesting read, and there’s no doubt that social influences and popular culture have played an important role in the collation of the list. 

For example, the global pandemic has undoubtedly been a huge influence, due to the rise in joyful, hopeful names, together with escapist names, inspired by travel. A substantial number of the highly-ranked names for next year are also unisex – reflecting a shift in how new parents will approach traditional gender norms and non-binary names.

Playful baby names in 2022

The rise in playful baby names is interesting because the experts have predicted that it stems from the difficult times we’ve endured, thanks to the ripple effect of the global pandemic. It’s been a challenging period for everyone. However, after two years of storm clouds, these names (which are mostly inspired by animals and birds) are supposed to be as lovely and bright as sunshine! 


Playful Baby Names


Names inspired by escapism and nature for babies in 2022

Similar to the playful names listed above, there’s no doubt that these names are also inspired by the feeling of closure and confinement during the pandemic. We’re all dreaming of travel, holidays and exploring new places – and these names are inspired by this. 


Baby Names Inspired By Nature


European-chic baby names

These names are taking travel inspiration one step further. Apparently, we’re going to be looking at our European friends for ideas in 2022, and these names will appeal to sophisticated lovers of travel. From Scandinavian to Slavic names and Germanic to Gaelic, these names are quirky and classic, in a chic nod to European culture. 


    European Style Baby Names


    Regency baby names in 2022

    Bridgerton was Netflix’s most-watched original series ever – before Squid Game took the top spot. Still, the Regency romance was watched by a staggering 82 million households. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this has led to a surge in popularity for vintage, Regency-inspired names. And it’ll likely increase even more when the show returns again in 2022! 


    Regency Style Baby Names 

    Non-binary baby names in 2022

    This is a nod to society’s increasing openness and acceptance of gender fluidity as an identity. Of course, unisex names, such as Alex and Ashley, have been around for years. However, the difference predicted for names next year is that traditionally female names will now lean towards being gender-fluid, non-binary names. For example, goddess names, such as Echo and Nyx, together with names that were unisex, but typically viewed as more female than male, like Laurie and Sasha.


    Non Binary Baby Names 

    Spiritual and soulful baby names in 2022

    Another pandemic-influenced trend is those names that are deemed spiritual and soulful. This is because the babies born in 2020, 2021 and 2022 are born into a time of change. And the spiritual names are likely to reflect parents’ hopes and aspirations for their children, in this period of uncertainty. Soulful names have been around for many years, drawing on religion, ancient myths and traditions. But there are many more to land in the mainstream lists of popular names in 2022.

     Spiritual Baby Names


    Retro nostalgia baby names in 2022

    Retro baby names will certainly be on the rise in 2022, as parents look to the past for inspiration, including those popular names in the 1950s and 1960s. The names are sure to drum up images of sweet and sunny vintage nostalgia! 


    Retro Baby Names 

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    If you’re reading this blog and are considering a gift for expectant parents in 2022, then we have some lovely options, whether they do or don’t know the name of their baby (or if they’re sharing the name with anyone!)

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    Gifts for new parents (if they DON’T know the name…)

    Alternatively, if expectant parents don’t know the name yet, or if they’re choosing to keep it to themselves, for now, we still have some wonderful gifts that capture a unique memory of them to treasure forever. 


    Our heartbeat jewellery is both special and stunning – capturing the image of a baby’s true heartbeat on a beautiful piece of jewellery, including a silver heart necklace, a heartbeat locket and a heartbeat heart keyring. The reverse of these pieces can be personalised with a message of your choice too. All we need is a sound clip or video of the heartbeat that you would like to use (we will use approximately five seconds of the clip). You simply upload this to our Magic Print Uploader once you place your order. The sound can be captured on a mobile device such as a smartphone using the video setting or voice recorder. 


    An ultrasound scan is such a special moment, and with our ultrasound scan keyring, the soon-to-be parents can keep them close forever with their true scan image. The tag-shaped keyring is made from stainless steel, and its approximate dimensions are H45mm W26mm D2mm. The keyring is engraved on the front with the ultrasound and date of your choice. The reverse of the keyring can then be engraved with a personalised message – a beautiful option for a unique present that they’ll treasure forever. All we need is a copy of the scan you would like to use, which you simply upload this to our Magic Print Uploader once you place your order. 

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    If the expectant parents haven’t yet decided on a name. Or, if you’d like the option to buy them handprint and footprint jewellery when their precious bundle of joy arrives in 2022, then our special edition starter pack makes a wonderful gift. Parents can take the prints when their baby is born, and then you can decide which gift to buy for them at a later date. And these kits are also the perfect way to take prints to put in a baby book, or a memory box, or even frame as a reminder of how tiny they once were! 


    The kit comes with:

    • 1 x Luxury Hand on Heart two-part presentation gift box
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    • Full instructions on how to take the perfect prints


    (It’s possible to create approximately 8 baby-sized prints with one single wipe and card). The prints will be suitable for any of our jewellery designs – all we will need is a photograph of the print you would like to use. 

     Gift Pack


    There are so many interesting influences on baby names in 2022! We hope this blog served as inspiration for anyone thinking of a lovely baby name for any new arrivals next year, or even just an interesting read about how current events and popular culture influences names. Either way, we really hope you enjoyed it!

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