Chinese Gender Predictor

Chinese Gender Predictor

If you've decided not to find out the gender of your baby at your scan but still want to have a little guess, why not try out some of the old wives tales below? Be sure to let us know if any were correct when your bundle of joy arrives!

1. Chinese Gender Predictor

Many years ago, it is said that a 700-year-old piece of parchment was discovered deep within the tomb of a monk in Beijing. The parchment, so the story goes, is now housed in China’s Institute of Science and is believed to reveal a way to predict the gender of an unborn baby, based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

According to internet legend, this ancient gender predictor is said to be astonishingly accurate. Every day, thousands of people across the globe ask good old Google if they will have a boy or a girl.  More often than not, their search will point them in the direction of the fabled Chinese gender predictor.

Although the true origins of the chart may never be known, we can be certain that the people of China put a lot of stock into its predictions. Each year the chart is reproduced in the Chinese Farmer’s Almanac and is used by families across the nation to plan for their future.

So how does it work? Well, apparently all you need to know to predict the gender of your baby is the age of the mother and the month in which the baby was conceived. Have a look at the Chinese gender predictor below and see if it has been accurate for you or your friends. We’ve had a go and let’s just say we’re sticking with our magic theory.

Chinese Gender Predictor


2. Morning Sickness

While the unpleasantness of morning sickness (or all-day sickness, as it should be called) doesn't tend to discriminate too much, it is said that if you experience this really badly, you may have a little girl on the way.

3. The elusive pregnancy 'glow'

We've all heard a pregnant person be described as 'glowing', but if you're not feeling your best, it's said you could be having a girl as they steal their Mother's beauty. 

Pregnancy morning sickness gender prediction

4. High or Low Bump

According to the ever popular old wives tale, if your bump is high you could be carrying a girl, while if your bump is low you may have a little boy on the way.

5. Horse vs. Train

When you finally get to listen to that little heartbeat, take notice of if it sounds like a horse galloping or a train chugging away. It's said that if the heartbeat sounds like a horse, you're expecting a boy and if it's like a train, it's a little girl. 

Pregnancy Heartbeat gender predictions


Of course, while it's all fun and games trying to guess the gender of your bundle of joy, there's no real way of knowing apart from asking your sonographer (and even they can get it wrong sometimes!). In the meantime, try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy - it'll absolutely fly by and baby will be here before you know it.

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