What your Zodiac sign means - Cancer

What your Zodiac sign means - Cancer

Like many workplaces, Hand on Heart has a wide variety of zodiac signs amongst its staff, but the most popular is Cancer. Four of our team share the birthday month of July within the Cancer dates; Lucy, Jane, Sophie and Ellie.

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We’ve taken a look at the traits of a Cancerian to see if we can identify any of them in our lovely team members.

The Cancer sign belongs to the element of water, those born under a water sign tend to put their emotions first. They let their feelings guide their actions and consider other people’s emotions, however, they can find it hard to blend into the world around them all the time. The element of water mixes with the individual traits of Cancer to create strengths such as being sympathetic, loyal, and also highly imaginative.

Some of the other traits of a Cancerian include being tenacious and persuasive, with a can do and will do attitude. Cancerians are happiest and most content at home surrounded by a loving family, they're the most sentimental of all the signs and creating a happy home is important once at peace with their life choices.

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