2023 Baby Name Predictions

2023 Baby Name Predictions

It’s fascinating to see how baby names are influenced by societal changes, trends and popular culture each year. This coming year is no different, and expectant parents will have many unique options to choose from, whether they’re looking for a baby name that’s unusual, contemporary or traditional.

Football-influenced baby names

The Lionesses’ phenomenal win at the 2022 UEFA Women’s Euro is predicted to significantly impact girls’ names this year. The names Beth, Ella and Alessia are all expected to grow in popularity this year off the back of it. England’s World Cup dreams might’ve been dashed last year, but baby names are still likely to be influenced by it. Names such as Jude (after Jude Bellingham) and Jack (after Jack Grealish) are already set to be popular. And this isn’t the first time football has influenced baby names, either. Office for National Statistics (ONS) baby name data reveals that both David Beckham and Peter Crouch significantly impacted children’s names in the UK following the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

TV and film-influenced baby names

The 80s have made a comeback, thanks to Stranger Things. This old-school nostalgia has resulted in retro classics growing in popularity, including names such as: Marty, Ferris, Chrissy, Jeanie and Sloane. Peaky Blinders has also led to a revival of boys’ names, such as Arthur and Tommy, and this is set to grow following the airing of the final episode last year. Netflix hit Wednesday became the second-most watched English language show ever, leading to a considerable spike in Google searches for the girls’ name Wednesday.

Maximalist baby names

Short, simple names that were once en vogue are now being replaced by maximalist names. Similarly to those names being influenced by film and TV, a rise in ‘dark academia’ has given way to gothic and elaborate baby names like Morticia, Amadeus, Euphemia and Octavius.

Happy baby names

Moving away from any doom and gloom of recent years, sparkly and glitzy names are set to dominate in 2023 and beyond to channel positive energy in the future. Some popular picks include Aurelia, Goldie, Marigold and Sunshine.

Baby names with an X

Whether in the beginning, middle or end of a name, names with X are predicted to experience a surge in popularity (perhaps due to Elon Musk and musician Grimes’ rather unique name for their son, X AE A-XII). However, the names set to be popular are a little easier to remember, for example, Dixie, Felix, Onyx and Huxley.

Celebrity-influenced baby names

According to the research, the name ‘Billie’ has risen considerably in popularity (from 346th in 2018, to 229th in 2021), after singer Billie Eilish shot to fame. The name is predicted to grow again in 2023 following the release of Eilish’s second album. Ever the social media influencers, the Kardashians’ unique choices are also expected to influence baby names in 2023 once sister’s Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner reveal the names of their newborns. We’ve seen the power of the Kardashian brand previously. Back in 2015, Kim Kardashian’s choice of the name Saint for her first-born son influenced the charts, with the name rising tenfold, according to ONS data in England and Wales.

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We’re looking forward to seeing what names rise in popularity throughout 2023. It’ll also be interesting to see how trends, events and popular culture this year will influence baby names next year and beyond too!

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