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about Handprint Jewellery

A piece for everyone

You would be very surprised at the huge range of stories behind the pieces that we make, each one very different. Some pieces are made to celebrate the happiest of times, maybe the birth of a new baby, a first Mother's Day or marking the day a child starts school. Other pieces are made to bring comfort in heartbreaking times such as a bereaved family following a loss or the passing of a much loved pet. We have captured prints taken from the tiniest of babies who were just too precious for this earth, to Great, Great Grandparents wishing to leave a family heirloom. We have worked with prints from rabbits, horses, guinea pigs and more... The most important thing is that each and every piece has its own story, its own meaning and will be loved for years to come. It's a real privilege to be able to make such pieces and whatever the story behind your piece, we can guarantee that it will be made with love and care. 

Is there an age limit?

Without a doubt, the most common question we get asked is "Are my Children too big now?" The simple answer is, not at all! Each print is very carefully miniaturised while keeping its unique detail meaning that we can work with prints of any age, any size. 

1. Choose & Order your design

From necklaces to cufflinks, we have a wide range of designs suitable for everyone. Simply choose your design and customise from the options. If you require a printing kit to take the prints, simply tick the box when asked and one will be posted to you once we receive your order. You can pay using any payment card, paypal or take advantage of our interest free payment plan.

2. Supply your Prints

Once you have placed your order, you can then supply us with the prints via our Magic Print Uploader. Simply take a photograph of the prints on your mobile phone and follow the steps in the Uploader.

3. Leave the rest to us

Once your prints have been uploaded, they are checked by our design team before beginning the process. Your finished piece will be delivered to your door beautifully presented and ready to love.


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