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Fingerprint Jewellery is a beautiful way to keep a lost loved one close to heart. As memorial prints are often a little different, we've developed a special Memorial Fingerprint Range to get the very best result

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Fingerprint Jewellery

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Creating Fingerprint Jewellery is an easy process, all we need is a clear Fingerprint. This could be a print that you already have, or you can ask us to send you a Free Fingerprint Kit to take the print when you order your design. To supply the print to us, simply take a clear photograph of the print on your phone and upload it to the link sent to you when you place your order. Alternatively you can post the prints to us quoting your order number

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Your questions answered

Everything you need to know about ordering Fingerprint Jewellery

Our unique process uses a mix of digital machinary and traditional jewellery making techniques to create each Fingerprint Jewellery design. Our process is so unique and specialised that it takes us three years to train someone to become a fully qualified Fingerprint Jewellery Designer.

Our prices start at £57 which includes a Free Fingerprint Kit and luxury gift packaging. We also offer Klarna which allows you to pay in 30 days or split the cost over 3 monthly payments

This varies throughout the year as we get extremely busy at Mother's Day and Christmas. On each product page, the current delivery time for each specific design will be displayed. For some products, we may offer an express 7 day service which will be offered as you checkout

Generally speaking, we find that fingerprint detail is extremely hard to pick up on young children and babies. For this reason, we don't recommend Fingerprint Jewellery for children under the age of two and instead suggest our Hand and Footprint Jewellery which picks up detail from any age

We understand that in some circumstances, the original print will be extremely precious to you. We don't need the original print - a clear photocopy or photograph will work perfectly

Yes we can. We work with Funeral Directors all over the UK so it's likely that they have taken the prints using one of our kits. Due to the circumstances of taking prints in a funeral home, we often find that there's slightly less detail in the print. For this reason, we recommend choosing your design from our Memorial Fingerprint Jewellery Range. This range is much more detailed and will capture the full imprint of the finger

All fingerprints are completely unique and, as such, the detail can vary. We generally find that most people over the age of two have a good level of detail. For a fingerprint to work well, you should be able to see a clear pattern in the fingerprint you take. Sometimes this isn't the case if the print has either been taken from a very elderly person or by a Funeral Director. If you can't see clear detail and it's not possible to take another print, we suggest our Memorial Fingerprint Range which is much more detailed. If you would like us to check a print before ordering, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be very happy to advise

Currently we don't offer gold as an option. This is due to the cost of gold being well out of most peoples budget (£900+). While some companies offer Gold Plating or Gold Vermeil as an option, it won't last long. Overtime, all gold plating/vermeil will deteriorate taking the print with it. All of our designs are designed to last for life and we would be going against our brand promise of supplying you with a design that we knew wouldn't last forever. You can read more here

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2 products

2 products

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Capture all the wonderful swirls and detail of a loved ones fingerprint with our beautiful range of Fingerprint Jewellery created especially for you. Perfect any special occasion, our unique fingerprint jewellery is the perfect keepsake gift. Choose from our selection of beautiful Fingerprint Necklaces, Bracelets, Cufflinks and Charms to create a truly special piece of jewellery.