What to do with Dog Cremation Ashes

What to do with Dog Cremation Ashes

Coping with the loss of a beloved dog is utterly devastating. Dogs are called man’s best friend for a reason; they’re always there for us to cheer us up with a wag of their tail and a nuzzle of their nose. Dogs are an important part of the family, and they leave an enormous hole in our lives when they pass on. Deciding what to do with their cremation ashes is a personal and meaningful choice. However, beautiful pet memorial ideas can bring peace and comfort to such challenging times.

Here are some heartwarming ideas of what to do with dog cremation ashes to say goodbye.

Scatter your dog’s ashes at a meaningful place

There are many meaningful places where you could scatter your dog’s ashes. You could keep them close and scatter them in your garden, perhaps under a tree that they loved. Or you could venture out and head to your dog’s favourite park, a spot on their favourite walk, or a river they loved splashing in during summertime. Wherever you decide to scatter them, try to choose a time that’s quiet so you can take your time saying goodbye.

Keep your dog’s cremation ashes in an urn at home or in the garden

To keep your dog’s ashes close, you could put them in personalised pet urns for ashes or another type of cremation urn. You could either display the urn in your home or bury it somewhere special (there are biodegradable options for urn burial too). If you don’t want to display the urn but want to keep it close, you could put it in a memory box and include their collar, lead, toys, blanket, and photos, and keep it in a quieter room in your house or away in a cupboard or drawer.

If your dog loved water, consider scattering their ashes in the water

This is a beautiful idea for pets who loved the water. You could either find a spot looking out over the water or rent a boat for a water burial. There’s also an option to use a biodegradable urn specifically designed to bury ashes in water.

Plant a tree with the cremation ashes

Planting a tree or flowers in memory of your pet is another wonderful way to remember them. It could be their favourite spot in the garden or somewhere they always loved digging and sniffing around. You could even use their food or water bowl as the planter.

Keep them close with Pawprint Jewellery

To create a lasting memory of a beloved dog, our specialist designers will create a beautiful piece of jewellery using a pet’s true pawprint. They will work carefully with the image, removing any marks from fur and miniaturing the print, keeping all the unique details to fit on your chosen necklace, charm, bracelet, cufflinks, or keyring. Many of our designs have space to include a name, date, and short message with the pawprint. We also have a new locket design which has room for photographs inside.Pet Ashes Jewellery

Use your dog’s ashes to create Pet Ashes Jewellery

Jewellery made from cremation ashes is a comforting way for someone to keep a part of their precious pet with them forever. While dogs and cats are generally the most common pets, we can use cremation ashes from any animal, including horses and rabbits. This collection is available in various designs and colours and is a very popular way to pay tribute to a special pet.

Do-it-yourself with Self-Fill Pet Ashes Jewellery

If you prefer DIY rather than sending the ashes away, the pieces in our self-fill pet ashes collection are designed to hold a small token of cremation ashes, which you can do at home. The pieces come with the equipment and instructions to transfer a small amount of ashes into the necklace. Many designs in this collection also offer the option to personalise the piece of jewellery so you can include the name of a pet or perhaps a date or special message.

We understand how hard it is to say goodbye to a dog; it’s like grieving a family member because they’re such a special part of our lives. If you’d like to find further support for a loved one struggling with the loss of a beloved pet, Blue Cross offers a free and confidential Pet Bereavement Support Service (PBSS).

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