How to Support a Loved One Grieving a Beloved Pet

How to Support a Loved One Grieving a Beloved Pet

We understand how difficult pet grief is, here at Hand on Heart. Our furry friends are such an important part of the family, and they undoubtedly leave an enormous hole in our lives when they’re no longer with us. That genuine, wholehearted love for our pets was the inspiration for our pet memorial jewellery collections, so we can completely appreciate how hard it is when it’s the utterly heartbreaking time to say goodbye.

Ways to support your loved one experiencing pet loss
It can be challenging to know how to support a loved one who’s grieving a beloved pet, or even know how to offer your condolences if you feel a little lost for words or are unsure of what to say to them. Your loved one is likely to feel devastated while also probably shocked, lonely, and maybe even angry. The emotions of pet grief are visceral and unpredictable. However, most importantly, these emotions are entirely normal. Your loved one is mourning the loss of an animal they loved deeply, who played a huge and vital role in their life. It will take some time for them to fully process and move through their grief, and one of the best things you can do is be patient.

What to write in a sympathy card
It’s natural to feel a little lost for words when writing a sympathy card for someone who has lost a beloved pet. You could keep it brief and just let them know you’re thinking about them, or you could go into greater detail and write about some of your favourite memories. Here are some ideas for what to say in a sympathy card when a loved one is grieving a pet. 

Losing such a big part of your family is never easy. Thinking of you and your family in this difficult time. 
(Pet’s name) was so loved, and they’ll always be with you in your heart. I’ll never forget the happiness they brought everyone they met. 
I can’t imagine your grief after losing (pet’s name). They were a special part of your family and brought so much happiness. Sending love. 
I’m sorry to hear about your furry friend. I know how special they were to you.
What to buy a loved one who is grieving a beloved pet

Perhaps you like the idea of buying your loved one a gift to help them through this difficult time? Whether it’s personalised to treasure and remember their pet forever or something small to bring a smile to their face, here are some lovely ideas to help someone grieving.

Pet Memorial Gift Idea 1: A Framed Photo
If you have a lovely photo of the person with their beloved furry friend, it might be a nice idea to frame it and gift it to them as a beautiful memory of those happy times together.

Pet Memorial Gift Idea 2: Pawprint Jewellery
To create a lasting memory of a beloved pet, our specialist designers will create a beautiful piece of jewellery using a pet’s true pawprint. They will work carefully with the image, removing any marks from fur and miniaturing the print, keeping all the unique details to fit on your chosen necklace, charm, bracelet, cufflinks, or keyring. Many of our designs have space to include a name, date and short message with the pawprint. We also have a new locket design which has room for photographs inside.

Pawprint Jewellery

Pet Memorial Gift Idea 3: Scrapbook or Photo Album of Memories
Some people who are grieving find it helpful to create a lasting memory in the form of a scrapbook or gathering photographs to include in a photo album. You could buy the scrapbook or the photo album and include some prints of their pet to get them started.

Pet Memorial Gift Idea 4: Plant a Tree or Seeds and Watch Them Flourish
You could create a natural tribute to a much-loved pet by planting a tree in the garden in memory of them, or perhaps some seeds, and watch them grow and flourish as time passes. It might offer your loved one some closure and helpful headspace to do something in tune with nature.

Pet Memorial Gift Idea 5: Pet Cremation Ashes Jewellery
Jewellery made from pet cremation ashes is a comforting way for someone to keep a part of their precious pet with them forever. While dogs and cats are generally the most common pets, we can use cremation ashes from any animal, including horses and rabbits. This collection is available in various designs and colours, and is a very popular way to pay tribute to a special pet.

Pet Cremation Ashes Jewellery

Pet Memorial Gift Idea 6: Pet Self-Fill Ashes Jewellery
The pieces in the self-fill pet ashes collection are designed to hold a small token of cremation ashes, which you can do at home. All our urn necklaces are made from sterling silver and come with the equipment and instructions needed to transfer a small amount of ashes into the necklace. Many designs in this collection offer the option to personalise the piece of jewellery so you can include the name of a pet or perhaps a date or special message.

If you’d like to find further support for a loved one struggling with the loss of a beloved pet, Blue Cross offers a free and confidential Pet Bereavement Support Service (PBSS).

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