Memorial Cremation Ashes Keepsakes

Introducing our new Memorial Ashes Keepsakes

We’re incredibly excited and proud to introduce our beautiful new range of memorial ashes keepsakes. At Hand on Heart, we’re always looking for innovative ways to expand our collections. We do this by listening to customer feedback, keeping a close eye on trends, and of course, using our own expertise as jewellery designers. 

In this case, it was our ashes jewellery designer, Donna, who designed and created these stunning, brand new memorial keepsakes. 

Donna said: “My passion for my role means I am always thinking of new ways to use cremation ashes and bring something different to the memorial range. Designing and creating the cremation ashes range is something I truly love being involved with. Giving people a way of feeling their loved ones are still close to them is something very special to me.”

Memorial Cremation Ashes Keepsakes

Donna sought inspiration from personal experience in the early stages of the process. She said: “I started to think back to when I sadly lost my own mum. I was quite young, but I still remember the total feeling of ‘darkness’ with the experience and everything around it. Most keepsakes and urns felt harsh to me and, I suppose, ‘unhappy’. My mum was full of life, and what was on offer didn’t represent the joy she brought to our lives.”

“My inspiration for this range is to hopefully make people smile when they look at it; a collection that doesn’t represent death, but life. The colourful, beautiful energy that our loved ones brought to this world stays with us; it’s their eternal gift that we can embrace every day.”

Our stunning new collection is made of a range of brand new cremation ashes keepsakes. They are made from sustainable, eco-friendly materials and are lovingly created in our studio. A gorgeous feature of them is that they are designed to spread beauty and celebrate the colour of life. This has been important to Donna throughout the creation of the new collection. 

Donna explained: “I designed this range in beautiful soft colours and marbled texture, chosen to fit into modern home decor. The discrete engraving is there to remind you that, even though they’re gone, your loved ones can still make you smile.

“We’re launching the collection with three designs: A Heart Trinket Pot (because who doesn’t love a trinket pot!), A Ring Holder to keep that precious piece of jewellery safe, and my personal favourite, the Hanging Decoration. This piece is especially close to my heart. When you have lost a loved one, Christmas can suddenly become the most daunting time of year. These decorations would be perfect for hanging on a tree, keeping your beloved at the heart of celebrations.”

Memorial Cremation Ashes Keepsakes

Donna added: “I hope you love this collection as much as I do. To have been involved in developing a way of incorporating cremation ashes into beautiful pieces which can be treasured and admired in a happy, colourful way makes me very proud of what I do.”

We can all agree that Donna has done an incredible job creating this new collection! Take a look at the full keepsakes collection.

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