Self Fill Ashes Jewellery

4 Reasons to Love Our Self-Fill Ashes Jewellery

Our self-fill ashes jewellery range is one of our most popular collections. The beautiful range allows you to fill the pieces with cremation ashes at home, so you don’t need to post any ashes away. The instructions are easy to follow via a printed card or video. The self-fill collection is available in various designs with beautiful personalisation options to make your jewellery an extra special way to remember a loved one every day.

These are four reasons to love our self-fill ashes jewellery collection.

  • Available in a range of beautiful designs

These self-fill ashes jewellery pieces are available in various designs, with unique options including handwriting, handprints and footprints, fingerprints and pawprints. The collection also includes pieces with stunning features, such as floating crystals, family trees, angel wings and an egg timer hourglass.

Self Fill Ashes Jewellery

  • Add the ashes in the comfort of your own home

All our self-fill ashes pieces are delivered with the equipment and instructions needed to transfer a small amount of ashes into the necklace. This appeals to some customers who prefer not to post the ashes away or like the idea of filling it themselves in their own time, in their own home.

Our customer Melanie E, who bought our fingerprint ashes locket, said: “Losing my Dad in April was the worst experience of my whole life. My friends kindly gave me money to buy a necklace to remember Dad. The necklace is absolutely beautiful and the fingerprint and handwriting are perfect. Being able to put some of Dad’s ashes in the necklace brings me great comfort. Not only is Dad inside my heart but also close to it. Thank you so much xx”

Charmaine J bought the family tree ashes urn necklace. She said: “This piece of jewellery looks so beautiful on and was sent in the most beautifully presented box and packaging. It was very easy to fill the ashes ball and it really is stunning! Communication before and throughout was 5*. Thank you for being amazing throughout.”

  • Personalise your jewellery with your own unique memory

Some pieces, like the popular handprint or footprint ashes locket can also be further personalised with a message or date. Or we can even use a copy of your loved one’s true handwriting taken from a note, letter or greeting card.

Some of our memorial ashes urn jewellery pieces can even hold a handwritten note, a lock of hair or a precious photograph. Whatever you treasure, adding to our locket necklaces couldn’t be easier. Simply take the charm off the chain and unscrew it to add your precious keepsake.

Self Fill Ashes Jewellery

  • Easy self-fill instructions to follow, either by words or video

We include instruction cards with our self-fill pieces, but you can also watch our short video about how to do it on the Hand on Heart Instagram (@handonheartjewellery). 

You will need the following:

  • Your jewellery.
  • A small amount of ashes.
  • The funnel supplied with your jewellery.
  • A clean surface.

Step one

Unscrew the top of your jewellery.

Step two

Carefully pour the ashes into the funnel, little by little.

Step three

Use the pin provided to help push the ashes through.

Step four

Fill the pendant to around 80%.

Step five

Carefully screw the threaded top back onto the jewellery, ensuring it is straight.


They are our four favourite reasons to love our self-fill ashes jewellery range. It’s easy to see why the collection is so popular with customers – they’re stunning pieces that can be filled from the comfort of your home and in your own time when you’re ready. Of course, should you run into any trouble or have any questions, our friendly team is always on hand to offer help and guidance, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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