Taking baby handprints using Inkless Printing Kits

Taking baby handprints using Inkless Printing Kits

Using our tips and advice you can ensure that taking inkless prints is easy and the process of taking the prints should take less than a couple of minutes!

We get many requests on how to take the prints of new borns so when our friends Charlotte and Chris were due to have their baby at the end of June we asked if their new born Ruben would be happy to be a Hand on Heart model. They were very willing and last month we had a visit from Ruben at the studio. Ruben was fantastic and is a natural behind the camera. He slept through the whole thing!

Being only 13 days old didn't seem to phase Ruben. He slept in his mummy's arms and our designer Jen took his prints using the inkless printkit.

The key to taking hand prints with little ones is to choose a time when your child is calm and relaxed.  

We recommend that fingers are spread wide for handprints and to get the fingers on the paper first then press down their palm. With feet it can help to hold a flat object behind the paper such as a book, this will create a solid flat surface to press against when taking the prints. For babies feet, we find that ‘standing’ the baby onto the paper works well (only suitable for babies who can support their own head).

Check out our video of Ruben getting his prints taken...

After taking the prints Ruben was still zonked and got cosy in his car seat to head back home.

Take baby handprints

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