Creating handprints and using existing prints

Creating handprints and using existing prints

Many Hand on Heart Jewellery creations require the handprint, footprint, or paw print of your loved one to create a unique and personal piece of Jewellery. When you place your order we will send you a quick and easy to use the kit to take these prints. This is how it’s done:

Firstly, read the instructions carefully to ensure the prints are taken correctly using the right materials. Our wipe, that contains only natural oils and is 100% safe to use, is applied to the hand, foot or paw repeatedly to make sure no parts of the print is missing.

Press the hand, foot or paw firmly against the paper provided, we find using a hard surface below the paper works best. Ensure all fingers and toes are firmly pressed down to reveal a full print.

Try taking multiple prints, and ensure you take the correct prints for the jewellery ordered, for example, some of our jewellery will require both a handprint and a footprint. Our designers can clean up any smudges and marks from around the prints, so don’t worry if they’re a bit messy.

All you need to do to get the prints to us it to take a photograph of the prints and upload them via our uploader with your order number (given to you as you place an order).

Once the prints are received into the studio our designers will be in touch to confirm receipt, and the prints can then be used to create your special piece. A copy of the prints will be kept on file here at Hand on Heart HQ for at least 2 years, making it easy for you to order another piece using the same prints in the future.

To re-order using prints that we have on the file you simply need to click ‘you have my prints from a previous order’. You can enter your previous order number or the name the previous order was placed under to help our designers find the prints.

If you're not sure how long ago you placed your order and would like to check if we still have your prints you can get in touch with our customer service team. 

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  • Christopher Connor

    I have been in touch with Lucy about the heart thumb print which I lost of mums. Chris has been in touch and given you permission to make another heart. Please refer to my emails. I didn’t lose the chain so don’t need another
    Thank you
    Barbara Bate

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