How to Get the Kids Involved in Christmas Gift-Giving

How to Get the Kids Involved in Christmas Gift-Giving

Christmas is a magical time for children, and there are some brilliant ways you can involve them in gift-giving. We all know how difficult it can be to take children shopping at the best of times, never mind when it’s manic busy during the Christmas shopping period. So, why not stay warm and cosy at home and task them with helping to create some beautiful and unique gifts instead?

Make a scrapbook or photo album

You could buy the essential tools for a scrapbook or photo album online, including the book itself and tools and accessories to customise it. For example, brightly coloured pens, stickers and decorative tapes. This would make a lovely gift for a family member or friend. They could also include their favourite photos and memories of them together inside.

Delicious festive baking

Baking some delicious festive treats is one of the best parts of Christmas! The possibilities are endless and include all the classics: mince pies, Christmas cake, gingerbread (and a gingerbread house if you’re feeling particularly creative!) If you’re looking for inspiration, we love BBC Good Food’s Christmas for Kids recipe collection and Cooking With My Kids Christmas baking. 

Put together a baking mix kit

You could even combine classic Christmas baking and turn it into a DIY gift that the children could make. Simply layer the dry ingredients from a cookie or similar recipe into a clear plastic container. Dress it up with a label that they could decorate and write (don’t forget to attach the baking instructions!) – and it’ll make a fabulous festive present for somebody. 

DIY Christmas cards

The kids will love making Christmas cards for their nearest and dearest. There are also free printable cards online that you can download. For easy cards, all you need is some multicoloured pieces of card, pens, pencils, crayons and maybe some festive-themed stickers or stencils. you want to take it one step further, you use the following:

  • Cotton wool pads for snowmen
  • Beads for Christmas tree decorations
  • Buttons for baubles
  • Dried pasta (they could paint it green) for Christmas wreaths.

Unique Hand on Heart engraved keepsakes that involve the children

DIY art might not stand the test of time, and baked goods will almost certainly be quickly eaten by the whole family. So, if you like the sound of creating a gift with the children’s input that will be treasured for a lifetime, you’ll love our engraved drawing or handwriting gifts. Not only are they a stunning and unique keepsake, but they involve the kids too!

They can draw a picture for a treasured gift

Our engraved drawing rectangle keyring and heart keyrings, and our jewellery range, including a heart necklace, a dog tag necklace and silver bead bracelet, are beautiful keepsakes that make wonderful Christmas presents. They’re completely unique, with a drawing created by your little one. The front is engraved with the drawing you supply, while the reverse of the keyring can hold a personalised message of your choice. 

To create these stunning gifts, all we need is a copy of the drawings that you would like to use. This can be added as you place your order, or you can simply upload this to our Magic Print Uploader once the order is placed. Both the keyrings and the jewellery are from our engraved range, which means that the artwork is engraved onto the surface of the keyring and comes with a 12-month no-fade guarantee. Your finished piece of jewellery will arrive in a lovely Hand on Heart Jewellery velvet pouch and delivered to your door.

They can write a handwritten message for a unique gift

We can turn a piece of writing into a special piece of handwriting jewellery, which would be a wonderful way to get the children involved in a special Christmas present. Working with a photograph of the handwriting, we carefully engrave the writing into beautiful silver jewellery and gifts. You can choose from many different options in our range, including a heart necklace, silver bead bracelet, wallet card and heart ring. The choices are endless, and the perfect design is waiting to be created for you.

All we need to create your bespoke design is a clear photograph of the handwriting that you would like to use. Our specialist designers will work with the writing to ensure that it fits on your piece of jewellery while remaining readable.

Our popular range of handprint and footprint jewellery

All pieces of our handprint and footprint jewellery are created in our studio by our talented designers using the true prints from your loved ones. Taking the prints is easy with our mess-free printing kit, which is sent to you free when you place your order, or we can use prints you already have. Each print is carefully miniaturised, meaning that we can work with prints of any age, any size. Your finished design will arrive beautifully gift presented and ready to love – not just at Christmas, but forever.

Make taking the handprints fun 

Although our kits are mess-free, afterwards, you could combine it with some messy painting fun! For example, this four seasons handprint and fingerprint tree canvas, or this Christmas tree thumbprint art. These reindeer thumbprint ornaments are sure to spread some great festive cheer too! 

Frame decorating

Decorating some plain frames would make brilliant Christmas presents or decorations for your own home. Your children could pick which photo (or multiple photos, making a lovely collage!) go inside for a fantastic gift. You and your children could decorate the frames in many different ways:

  • Painted handprints and fingerprints in multicolours
  • Glitter and paints
  • Combining it with a walk on the beach to pick up shells or pebbles that you could glue on the frame
  • Or perhaps a walk in the woodland and pick up twigs that could be stuck to the frame
  • Decorating with buttons
  • Cutting paper straws (for example, the multicoloured stripey ones) to the same length and decorating them with a frame
  • Puzzle pieces from an old jigsaw
  • Spell out a message with Scrabble letters
  • Fabric or felt, cut initials or a short message out

We hope this blog has offered some fabulously festive inspiration for ways to get the children involved with Christmas gift-giving! 

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