What makes Hand on Heart special?

What makes Hand on Heart special?

Amanda co-founded Hand on Heart Jewellery in 2009 with her sister, Heather. Amanda talks to us about what makes Hand on Heart Jewellery so different and her aspirations for the company. 

What makes Hand on Heart Jewellery so special?
We believe in the emotional connection between Jewellery and those we love. Beautiful keepsake Jewellery tells a story and brings us comfort and closeness to our loved ones wherever we are. Each piece we make is created by one of our talented designers with love and care in our beautiful studio on the edge of the Lake District.

Creating Handprint Jewellery

Why do we become so attached to Jewellery?
When we’re away from our loved ones, all we have are our thoughts. Wearing a piece of Jewellery becomes a tangible way of keeping that person with us, filling us with comfort when we sometimes feel very alone.
For thousands of years, Jewellery has been used as a connection between loved ones. The wedding ring, introduced by the Romans, was never a symbol of status but rather a way of connecting two people. The round ring represented a never-ending, eternal love and it was believed that the vein on our left hand’s fourth finger, the ‘Vena Amoris’ meaning ‘Vein of Love’ was directly connected to the heart. Wearing this ring was therefore perceived as a direct connection to the heart.

What is your favourite HoH design?
I couldn’t possibly choose, it would be like picking a favourite child. I’m especially proud of our new Memorial Range. We’re currently partnered with nearly 100 Funeral Directors in the UK and Ireland who offer our Jewellery and print taking service. It’s very rewarding to hear that our Jewellery has brought grieving families a sense of comfort during the hardest times in life.

Creating Handprint Jewellery

What does the future of Hand on Heart look like?
HoH is here for two purposes; To create beautiful jewellery connecting loved ones wherever they are, and to create an inspiring company which people love to work for and are given the opportunity to reach their full potential.
I truly believe that for a customer to fall in love with their piece of HoH, they have to love the brand experience we deliver from start to finish. If you love, care and attend to your team, I promise they will love, care and attend to your customers.

Growing the company will allow us to reach more customers and expand our team, creating more wonderful jobs for excellent people. That’s why we’re here and it’s why we will continue to grow Hand on Heart.

- Amanda 
Managing Director

We want the company’s success to be judged on the happiness of our customers and team.
Of course, we measure numbers and it’s wonderful to see the company grow on a spreadsheet, but figures are just a result of what we do and how we do it.
Success for us is ending each day with happy staff and customers. I trust that if we always put that first, the company will naturally continue to flourish.


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