14 Things We've Learnt About Life At Hand on Heart

14 Things We've Learnt About Life At Hand on Heart

Creating beautiful jewellery to treasure precious memories isn’t just a job for us at Hand on Heart. We love how much our work has taught us about life, and we’d love to share these important life lessons with you as part of our 14th birthday celebrations.

Life is short

It’s easy to forget this in the busyness of day-to-day life, but life is short. Ageing is a privilege, not everyone gets to grow old. Find the magic in life. Follow your dreams, do what makes you happy and hold your loved ones close.

Make the most of the amazing times

It’s easy to dwell on yesterday or worry about tomorrow, but all we really have is now. Nothing can change yesterday, and tomorrow isn’t promised. Make the most of the amazing times and live in the present moment.

Treasure precious memories

Treasure those precious memories internally, but also keep hold of any tangible reminders. For example, special photographs, concert tickets, trip itineraries and restaurant bills. One of the best things in life is reminiscing about precious memories. If in doubt, keep anything meaningful for the future.

The best of friends leave pawprints on your heart

All pet owners know how important our precious furry friends are to the whole family. The love we have for our pets is what inspired our pawprint jewellery collection. Pets aren’t around for anywhere near as long we want them to be, and time passes by quickly, so treasure every moment, every walk, every game of fetch and every cuddle.

Pawprint Jewellery

Try to give back and make a positive impact

Giving back in any way you can is a wonderful thing to do in life, especially if it leads to a positive impact. For example, we support and fundraise for Grief Encounter – a charity that’s extremely important to us, as their mission is to give every child and young person access to the best possible support following the death of someone close.

Find your purpose

Our purpose at Hand on Heart is to craft stunning pieces of jewellery that capture precious memories but also stand the test of time. These driving forces of longevity and sentimentality act as our purpose and guide everything we do. Finding your purpose is a wonderful life lesson.

Keep treasured mementos like handwritten letters

We’ve learnt from our customers how important a loved one’s handwriting is. Be sure to keep those birthday cards, shopping lists and love letters. You never know when you might want to look at their handwriting again, or maybe turn it into a piece of handwriting jewellery one day.

Handwriting Jewellery

Cherish every moment

Cherish every second of those magical life moments. One day, you’ll look back at them. Whether it’s a big celebration, like a wedding or the birth of a baby, or the simplicity of enjoying your morning coffee in the sunshine, take a mindful moment to cherish every second.

Love what you do

Loving your work is a great part of life. We feel very lucky that we love what we do, as here at Hand on Heart, employee satisfaction is extremely important to us. Every evening, our staff walk out the door knowing they have contributed to creating something unique that our customers will love and treasure forever. 

Those little feet won’t be little forever

Children grow up very quickly. Those little feet and little hands won’t be little forever. Embrace every moment as they grow – from their first steps to their first words. And if you want to keep the memory of those tiny toes forever, you could order our special edition starter pack to take the prints and decide on a design later.

Footprint Jewellery

Loved ones might leave the world, but they won’t leave your heart

We’ve spent years creating memorial jewellery for our customers, and we understand how sensitive it is. Keeping a loved one close to your heart is a beautiful way to cherish their memory, and it’s one of the reasons why we believe memorial jewellery has grown in popularity over the years.

Good friends are hard to find, treasure those amazing friendships

It’s really heartwarming to read customer reviews that talk about amazing friends who have bought a special gift to help them get through a difficult time. For example, a piece of memorial jewellery when experiencing grief. Good friends are hard to find, so be sure to treasure those incredible friendships in life.

Choose kindness

A simple but important life lesson. Choose kindness every day. You never know what battles people are facing, and there are life experiences, like grief, that never leave us.

Make every moment count

Live life to the fullest and make every moment count. Try to worry less and smile more, even on days when it’s hard. Hug your loved ones and try to find the magic in every day.


There we have it… 14 life lessons we’ve learnt at Hand on Heart to celebrate our 14th birthday. We hope some of these life lessons resonated with you too, and we hope you’ll join us in celebrating our special anniversary this year!

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