Caring For Ashes Jewellery

Every order from us arrives with comprehensive instructions on how to maintain your jewellery's optimal condition. Key points of these instructions include:

• Always remove your jewellery before it might come in contact with water such as during bathing, exercising, or cleaning.
• Regular polishing with a sterling silver polish cloth will help maintain its shine and beauty.
• Your keepsake should be stored in its original box, in a cool and dry place, and kept separate from other jewellery items.
• Protect your Jewellery from prolonged sun exposure/heat - avoid wearing while sunbathing
• Never expose your Jewellery to direct artificial UV light - Nail Lamps/Sun Beds

For durability and longevity, please frequently inspect all fittings, steer clear of contact with perfumes, lotions, and chemicals, and store your pieces away from direct sunlight and high temperatures. We advise against using liquid cleaning solutions.

Should you have further questions about maintaining your Hand on Heart Jewellery, our friendly team is always ready and eager to assist you.

Can my Ashes Jewellery be exposed to water?
We recommend against submerging any of your cherished jewellery pieces in water, be it during swimming, bathing or other activities. This could cause potential harm to your item, particularly due to the presence of chemicals, salt or chlorine commonly found in water. Moreover, heated water might trigger chemical reactions resulting in discolouration. Our goal is to ensure your jewellery's longevity, hence, we stress transparency in sharing optimal care methods for your invaluable piece. Incidental water exposure, like getting caught in the rain, should not pose any significant issue.