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Memorial Jewellery

Our handprint, footprint and fingerprint jewellery is a lovely way to remember a loved one. All of our pieces can be made with prints you may already have and make beautiful memorial jewellery and special keepsakes. Alternatively, if you don't have prints to use but are still looking for a unique piece of memorial jewellery, we can use generic prints to create your precious keepsake, simply contact the studio to discuss. Alternatively we have a wide range of engraved products that do not require a print, which can be viewed here.

Taking Prints

It is not uncommon for people to take prints of a sick loved one or request a printing kit to be forwarded to a funeral home. Funeral Directors are very happy to do this for you. You can order a printing kit for any of our memorial jewellery here or by calling the Studio 01768 800262 (Mon-Fri/9am-5pm). We also offer a next day (Mon-Sat) delivery service if necessary. Once you have the print, you can order any jewellery and gifts in your own time.

In these situations, it is very rare that we can't work with the prints and we will work hard to get the very best result from any image. If you are unsure of the prints you have, you are very welcome to email a copy to us at and one of our designers will be happy to check for suitability.

How to Order...

Following a loss, you may have been provided with ink prints by the hospital, funeral home or you may have taken them yourself. At Hand on Heart Jewellery, we can use a copy of these prints to create bespoke pieces of handprint, fingerprint and footprint jewellery. Simply browse our wide range of jewellery online and when you have chosen your product, place your order selecting the ‘I will provide you with prints I already have’ option as you check out.

Once your order has been placed, all we then need is a copy of the prints emailed to us at or posted to us at Hand on Heart Cumbria, Head Office & Design Studio, Hackthorpe Hall Business Centre, The North Range, Unit 1, Hackthorpe, Penrith, CA10 2HX. As soon as we receive your prints we will begin to make your jewellery.

We treat all the prints we receive with the utmost respect, delicately reproducing them to ensure accurate attention of detail. With years of experience, our small but dedicated team of jewellery designers will sensitively and carefully replicate your loved one's prints – miniaturising them to fit on your choice of jewellery. All of our products come beautifully wrapped and are posted to our customers free of charge. 

Clay Prints & Putty Impressions

We mainly work with ink prints, as we tend to find these provide the best result, however, we have come across situations when the only prints a family have are in clay or putty. If this is the case, we suggest taking a photograph of the cast/impression and emailing it to us at before ordering, so one of our Designers can confirm the suitability of the prints.

You can browse our full range of Memorial Jewellery here