Grief Encounter Forget Me Not Walk

A Walk to Remember

Join the Forget Me Not Walk to support Grieving Children

The staggering reality that 1 in 29 children faces the unimaginable loss of a parent or sibling each year is both alarming and deeply saddening. As adults, we understand that navigating the path of loss is one of life's most challenging journeys. It's a journey that, without proper support, can lead to long-term emotional, behavioural, social, and academic struggles for young people.

Since 2020, we have been proud supporters of Grief Encounter, an organisation that provides invaluable support to bereaved children. Their clinical team offers a range of services, including 1:1 counselling, workshops, family days, and creative therapies, ensuring that these young people are professionally and compassionately supported through their grief.

To date, our contributions have funded the equivalent of 100 hours of 1:1 counselling or 192 calls to the grieftalk helpline. 

Who are Grief Encounter?

Grief Encounter, established in 2004 by Dr. Shelley Gilbert MBE, offers a sanctuary for children and families grappling with the profound impact of losing a loved one. It's a haven where young hearts can express their complex emotions and begin their healing journey.

Understanding the unique and often turbulent path of grief, Grief Encounter provides specialised support, ensuring no child has to grieve alone. They guide children and their families through emotional landscapes in a healthy and supported manner.

Grief Encounter

Grief Encounter offers a range of supportive services:

  • One-to-one counselling for individual support.
  • Group workshops for shared experiences and healing.
  • Creative therapies, including music, art, and drama.
  • Family events and residentials for joy and togetherness.
  • The grieftalk helpline for immediate, confidential support.
  • Bespoke educational and trauma support for schools and sudden loss scenarios.
  • Professional training and resources for better grief support.

The Importance of Funding

Grief Encounter's transformative work in supporting bereaved children hinges entirely on the generosity of donors. Each contribution, no matter the size, has a significant impact. For instance, a donation of just £10 can provide a child with a bereavement storybook, helping them understand and articulate their feelings of loss. With £20, a young person can receive a Good Grief workbook, offering them a structured way to process and navigate their grief. A larger donation of £50 can fund a complete session on the grieftalk helpline, ensuring that immediate listening support and advice are available for those grappling with grief. Every donation, big or small, plays a crucial role in the healing journey of these young individuals.

Hand on Heart Jewellery Supporting Grief Encounter

Why Hand on Heart Jewellery Supports Grief Encounter

As a memorial jewellery company, we intimately understand the journey of loss. Our work with grieving families, including children and terminally ill parents preparing keepsakes for their children's future milestones, has shown us the profound and lasting effects of grief.

Hand on Heart Jewellery's Managing Director, Amanda Dixon, explains:

"The thought of children navigating such a painful journey is heart-wrenching. We see the struggles families face in managing their grief and how much more complex it is for children. Grief Encounter's work is extraordinary. They provide everything from books to counselling to retreats, helping children process their grief in a safe, supportive environment. While we can't prevent the pain of loss, we can support Grief Encounter in ensuring that bereaved children receive the care they need."

The Forget Me Not Walk

The Forget Me Not Walk, scheduled for Sunday, 17th March 2024, is a unique event that extends an invitation to everyone, everywhere. This special day is about more than just fundraising; it's a profound expression of community, healing, and collective remembrance. You can participate from any location – take a stroll in your local park, amble to the shops, or wander along your favourite beach. The beauty of this walk is its flexibility; you can walk any distance that suits you. It's not about where you walk or how far; it's about the act of walking itself, in memory of someone dear to you, be it a family member, a close friend, or a beloved pet.

Forget Me Not Walk

How to Participate in the Walk

The key to participating is simplicity itself. This walk is for everyone, regardless of location or ability to travel. There are no requirements for a minimum distance or fundraising target. What truly matters is your participation and willingness to spread the word about Grief Encounter. By registering with Grief Encounter and sharing information about the charity, you help raise crucial awareness. While making a donation or raising funds through sponsorship is greatly appreciated, there is absolutely no pressure to meet any targets. Your involvement, your story, and your voice are what count. So, lace up your walking shoes and step out wherever you are – every step you take is a step towards supporting a vital cause and a family in need.

Join us in supporting the Forget Me Not Walk and help Grief Encounter continue their vital work. Every step is a stride towards healing, understanding, and celebrating life. For more information and to join the walk, visit Grief Encounter here

Hand in heart, we’ll walk together.