The Most Popular Dog Names for 2023

The Most Popular Dog Names for 2023

Naming your furry friend is a huge responsibility. Dog owners want a name that suits their pooch and reflects their personality while making sure it’s a name they’ll be happy shouting across a playing field for years to come! From a practical perspective, short, two-syllable names are helpful for training purposes, while names that sound like commonly used words could confuse your dog. For example, biscuit (if it’s also the name used for their treats) and Shay (sounds like stay).

In this blog, we’ve collated the most popular dog names for 2023. So, whether you’re curious about where your dog’s name ranks or if you’re thinking about having a pet of your own soon and are looking for inspiration, this list makes for interesting reading!

Top five female dog names in 2023

1. Bella 

2. Poppy

3. Lola

4. Luna 

5. Daisy

Last year, Luna was the favourite, but Bella has now taken over, shifting Luna to number four. Lola was number three last year and has remained there this year. At number five, Daisy replaced Coco from its fifth-place ranking last year. 

Top five male dog names in 2023

1. Alfie

2. Max

3. Charlie

4. Buddy

5. Milo 

Alfie has kicked Milo off the number one spot from last year. The name Teddy has disappeared from the top five, where it ranked second last year. Max has moved up one space, while Buddy stays at number four for the second year running, and newcomer Milo makes number five.

Most popular dog names by UK city in 2023

A survey by also explored which names are popular across cities in the UK, and it makes very interesting reading! 

  • Belfast: Cooper
  • Glasgow: Alfie 
  • Edinburgh: Dexter
  • Newcastle: Bella
  • Manchester: Teddy 
  • Liverpool: Bella
  • Cardiff: Max
  • Bristol: Buddy
  • Cambridge: Alfie
  • London: Luna

Dog names in 2023 inspired by popular culture

Every year, dog names are influenced by popular culture. For example, an ongoing trend is names inspired by characters from popular TV and cinematic universes, like Game of Thrones and Marvel. Names expected to rise in popularity this year due to this reason are the following…

  • The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power: Nori, Galadriel and Finrod.
  • The Little Mermaid reboot: Ariel, Flounder, Sebastian and Ursula.
  • Bridgerton: Charlotte, Daphne, Eloise and Simon.
  • Avatar: Tuk/Tuktirey and Kiri.
  • Gremlins 3: Gizmo, and Gizmo is also apparently the top name for Shih Tzus.
  • Marvel-inspired names: Loki, Thor Groot, Stark, Hulk, Thanos, Wanda, Gamora, Hawkeye and Falcon

Which dog names will continue growing in popularity in 2023?

Flowery dog names

It isn’t just Poppy and Daisy, but names like Iris, Rosie and Lily are expected to increase in popularity this year too. 

Colourful dog names

These names are a gorgeous choice for colourful pooches or dogs with vivid personalities! Names like Coral, Blue, Amber, Pinky, Indigo and Violet are lovely for 2023.

Football-inspired dog names 

The Lionesses’ phenomenal win at the 2022 UEFA Women’s Euro has been predicted to significantly impact girls’ names this year – and it might not just be for baby girls! We might see more pooches named Ella and Alessia this year. While Jude (after Jude Bellingham) and Jack (after Jack Grealish) are already set to be popular too. Other popular sports-inspired names for dogs include Shaq, Serena, Pele, Tiger and Venus.

Travel-inspired dog names

Popular dog names inspired by wanderlust include Paris, Sydney, Cairo, Oslo, Milan, Rio, Diego and Siena. 

Less common dog names

The least popular dog names might see a resurgence too. These are Gigi, Toffee, Blossom, Red, Kira and Ava for females. While the bottom male names are Oreo, Eric, Moose, Fred, Mac and Pluto.

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