Insta-Pets We Love!

Insta-Pets We Love!

We know that pets are such an important part of the family. So much so, that we’ve even designed special pawprint collections to show how much we love and appreciate our four-legged friends.

Everyone thinks their pet is the best pet in the world – and everyone is right! Our pets are so special to us all, and it’s so wonderful when we get the chance to celebrate them for all their unique qualities and quirks. 

Social media is the perfect eye into this world of beloved pets. We especially love Instagram when it comes to fabulous photographs of our adorable best friends and their everyday adventures. This is our list of our favourite Insta Pets…

Millie and Ted are two gorgeous pooches who live in North Yorkshire with their humans, Alicia, Alex and Jack. They are absolutely adorable, and their feed is filled with wholesome and heartwarming pictures of family life. 

We love the three-heart charm bracelet that Millie and Ted’s lovely human, Alicia, has enjoyed wearing. It’s the perfect fit for her family, as the three charms have Millie and Ted’s true pawprints on two charms, with adorable Jack’s footprint beautifully cuddled in the middle of his furry best friends. 

Alicia posted on Instagram: “Using an inkless printing kit we sent M&T’s pawprints and Jack’s footprints to the incredible design team at Hand on Heart, who created this gorgeous silver bracelet. With a lifetime no-fade guarantee, I’ll always have my little ones with me.”

Theo is a female Miniature Pinscher, and we could lose hours scrolling through her adventures in London that populate her Instagram feed. Theo is a gorgeous girl with a taste for adventure, and we love seeing what she’s been up to. 

Theo was an adorable model for the pawprint leather bead bracelet and family necklace with a pawprint charm that her two lovely mums have enjoyed wearing. Posting on Instagram, they said: “She (Theo) is my best friend, my inspiration, my exploration buddy, and just… everything. (With the bracelet and necklace), even when she’s not with me, she’s with me. When my body is struggling to keep me going through the day, I can look at my wrist, see her paw print there, and remember why I’m doing everything I’m doing, and that Theo is waiting to cuddle me in bed as soon as I make it home.”

These self-proclaimed little troublemakers are firmly on our list of favourite Insta dogs. The miniature sausage dogs are absolutely hilarious and totally adorable. Whether they’re dressing up for their birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, or as little Peaky Blinders extras, they’re 4x the hilarious, 4x the cute, and 4x the fun – and we simply can’t get enough of their fabulous photos (and outfits!)

Their lovely mum has enjoyed the pawprint round charm necklace (two charms with all four prints on) as a gorgeous reminder of her love for her super cute, furry friends. Posting on Instagram, she said: “The more grey hair I find the more I worry what mumma is going to do without me one day. I feel so much better now she is going to have my paw print with her all the time. The nice people from Hand on Heart made this beautiful necklace for her with all our prints and it’s just the most beautiful and special gift ever.”

Miu & Mao are two adorable British Shorthair cats from the UK. These two stunning ladies are sisters and can be seen making mischief on their instagram feed (looking very cute whilst doing so).

Their Mum has one of our stunning Silver Bead Bracelets, created using Miu and Mao’s own unique paw prints and she loves her unique keepsake. She posted some great videos taking the paw prints on their instagram and says “I’ve literally not taken the bracelet off. It’s so comfortable to wear”. This bracelet is the perfect design to keep your best friends close always.

Bailey is a lovely sprocker spaniel (a mix of a cocker and springer spaniel) who lives her best life in Oxfordshire. She’s a gorgeous girl and so photogenic – her Instagram feed is filled with beautiful photographs that are absolutely stunning.


The stunning pawprint and handprint silver charm bracelet is a popular choice for families, and it’s one that Bailey’s mum loves! With Bailey’s true pawprint on one side and Bailey’s brother Zachary’s handprint on the other, it’s a lovely piece of jewellery that means they’re always together. 

Writing on Instagram, Bailey and Zachary’s mum said: “The most unique and special bracelet. This beautiful bracelet is from Hand on Heart Jewellery. We sent the design team both Bailey and Z’s paw and handprints, and they were able to turn them into this treasured keepsake. As both of them get older, I know it’ll be something so special to have on me, to look at and smile.”

You might’ve seen Skylar before, as she’s a professional dog model! Skylar has worked with some amazing brands and is the perfect model for the stunning photographs across her Instagram feed. We love seeing her adventures and dog-friendly travels around the UK with her pawrents. 

Of course, Skylar gave her perfect model pose for the photographs of her owner’s leather bead bracelet, complete with Skylar’s true pawprint. Writing on Instagram, Skylar’s pawrents said: “The process was very intimate to us – Skylar and I had fun taking the paw prints, uploading them digitally and being in contact with the design team at Hand on Heart in the creation of this piece. We couldn’t be happier with how it has turned out.

“This is my Christmas gift to myself, knowing that Skylar was involved in the creation of it, brings me so much joy. Even more knowing that Skylar is a ‘senior dog’ and every moment we have with her is truly precious. The gifts that come from the heart are the best gifts of all.”


We hope you enjoyed our list of our favourite Instagram pets and the beautiful Hand on Heart products their humans can wear with pride, in a nod to the special bond between owner and pet.


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