Something Old, Something New, Something to Remember You – 7 Beautiful Wedding Tribute Ideas

Something Old, Something New, Something to Remember You – 7 Beautiful Wedding Tribute Ideas

Something Old, Something New, Something to Remember You… Paying tribute to a loved one at a wedding is a beautiful way to remember someone special. Your wedding day will naturally be a joyous celebration. Still, losing a family member or close friend can mean feelings of sadness will also play a part in the day. 

However, you can celebrate them and your memories together in some incredible ways. We’ve explored seven gorgeous ways to remember them and pay tribute to their memory. Plus, a few of our amazing Hand on Heart customers have also shared their stories about their beautiful wedding memorial pieces. 

  • Mention them in the order of service or in a speech. 

Mentioning a loved one in the order of service, either with a note or a photograph, is a lovely way to pay tribute to their memory. You could even attach a tag with a dedication or include a motif printed subtly if you prefer to do it quietly without explanation. Some people like to take a moment and mention how much a lost loved one meant to them during the speeches. You can toast their memory, talk about your favourite story, or include some old home movies and photos in a heart-warming montage. 

  • Include nods to their memory in the ceremony.

You could feature them in the ceremony through a beautiful memory, perhaps a reading, poem, excerpt from a favourite book, or a song or piece of music they cherished. For some who lived knowing they would not see a relative’s wedding day, they might’ve written a letter or a reading to wish them well.

  • Wear something that reminds you of them. 

Some brides may wish to wear their mother’s wedding dress or a loved one’s passion for colourful accessories. Jewellery, keepsakes or even small photographs could be woven into hems and tied around bouquets. You could also incorporate their favourite flowers or colours into your décor or colour scheme.

  • Create a photo wall.

Photo walls featuring family trees and family histories displayed in pictures are becoming popular. It’s also the perfect opportunity to incorporate any important people in your journey, such as those you love and miss. These photo walls could be photos stuck on walls, picture books or digital montages… There are many creative ways of sharing your story.

  • Wear unique memorial jewellery using cremation ashes.

Our Cremation Ashes Jewellery range means you can create a piece of jewellery to wear at a wedding, and a beautiful choice for brides is to combine this with their ‘something blue.’

This cremation ashes range includes a stunning selection of necklaces, with a gorgeous variety of styles that can be created with a blue colour option. The necklace pendant styles include teardrop, peardrop, large heart, round locket, silver bar and oval. Alternatively, instead of a necklace, you could create the blue colour option through a Heart or Round ring, Heart earrings or Oval charm bead. Our Round cufflinks are also a very popular choice.

Some of these pieces can feature an engraved name or message of your choice, too – making it a personal and unique tribute to a loved one on your big day. To create this unique jewellery made from ashes, the cremation ash is very delicately set into resin, which has a glass-like appearance while being very hard-wearing, making it the perfect material for ashes jewellery. It is layered to create a floating and sparkling appearance within the jewellery.

Cremation Ashes Jewellery

Our other range of jewellery made from ashes is the Self-Fill Ashes Collection. These pieces are designed to hold a small token of cremation ashes – the ideal way to keep a loved one close in a beautiful piece of memorial jewellery. All our urn necklaces are made from sterling silver and have the equipment and instructions to transfer a small amount of ashes into the necklace. 

  • Feel like you’re holding their hand with memorial fingerprint jewellery.

A beautiful way of feeling like a loved one is there holding your hand is by keeping their unique fingerprints close with Memorial Fingerprint Jewellery. Our specialist designers are extremely experienced and skilled in extracting the very best detail to feature on your piece (If using memorial prints, we strongly recommend ordering from this range rather than our other Fingerprint Jewellery to obtain the best result.)

A popular idea for weddings, this range includes memorial fingerprint cufflinks. They make a lovely gift too, as we’ll present them in a keepsake box, engraved with a personalised message of your choice. You can supply us with prints you may already have or request a free magic printing kit when you order, if required.

Memorial Fingerprint Jewellery

  • Remember their words with memorial handwriting jewellery. 

Whether it’s a signature from an old letter or a note left on the fridge, we can turn that special note into a piece of memorial handwriting jewellery that you can keep close to you forever, especially on your wedding day. You don’t need to part with the writing, as we can work from a photograph taken on your phone to create your unique design. We can even use snippets taken from a few notes or move the layout around.

Our memorial handwriting collection has a selection of styles to choose from, either to wear yourself or as a beautiful wedding gift to wear on the day and keep the memory of a loved one close. Our stunning collection has been designed with care and sensitivity. You can choose from heart charms, ashes lockets or sterling silver lockets, heart and oval rings, necklaces (including dog tag necklaces), silver bead, coloured bead and leather bracelets, keyrings and wallet cards.

Memorial Handwriting Jewellery

Our lovely Hand on Heart customers have shared some gorgeous reviews of Hand on Heart memorial jewellery for their weddings.

“This necklace will forever be my most prized possession. I had this made so I could have a part of my most important person with me on my wedding day. It is stunning. It will be the perfect accessory to my wedding dress, and it has already been decided it will be my sister’s “something borrowed” and passed on to my own daughter as her something old. You have given my family a tradition, and I can’t thank you enough. x”

“I bought this for my wedding day so that my dad could be with me as I walked down the aisle.”

“I absolutely love my earrings and feel at ease now knowing I will have my beautiful Nan with me on my wedding day.”

“Thank you so much for the wonderful earrings you made for my daughter’s wedding; they look beautiful. Mam would have been so proud to see Rebecca get married. Maybe she will be with us in spirit on the day.”

“The cufflinks are perfect for my son to wear at his wedding so he feels like his grandparents are with him on the day.”

“I was super close to my Nan, and she was so excited for our wedding she refused to even see a photo or hear details of my dress until the day, and then she ended up passing away 6 months before. Having her fingerprint on a necklace and close to my heart was the finishing touch to the outfit she was so excited to see, and it meant that she was with me every second of the day.” 

Tanya's Memorial Wedding Jewellery

[Photo credit to @tanyamarie_k on Instagram]

Nothing can ever make up for the physical presence of a loved one. Still, we hope these seven beautiful tribute ideas offer inspiration for heart-warming and comforting ways to keep them and their memory close on a special day like a wedding. 

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