Memorial Fingerprint Jewellery

What makes our Memorial Jewellery different?

We’re proud of our memorial jewellery collections at Hand on Heart – they’re perfectly designed with memorial in mind. We’ve taken great care to create beautiful collections featuring tangible tributes to loved ones that encapsulate the magic of a unique bond and everlasting love.

Memorial Jewellery

Our passion for memorial jewellery stems from our customers’ experiences with grief and the idea of wanting to keep the memory of a loved one close. Our customers have been at the forefront of every range and every development at Hand on Heart. We have a great relationship with our customers and always appreciate feedback, suggestions and ideas. We believe this loyalty and trust, plus our years of experience, sets our memorial jewellery apart.

Everything we do is with our customers in mind. For example, our dedicated memorial fingerprint jewellery  range was created to offer grieving families a way to remember their loved ones in a unique way – and there’s nothing more unique than a person’s fingerprint, which is entirely individual to everyone. This range was developed alongside funeral directors to ensure that we can use any fingerprint, regardless of the level of detail to create the perfect piece of keepsake jewellery.

Over the years, we’ve used our years of experience to ensure we’re delivering the very best designs, service and final products. For example, all our standard fingerprint jewellery uses a close-up section of the fingerprint rather than the full fingerprint. While this might give a beautifully detailed result for most fingerprints, we found that memorial prints typically lack the detailed definition that this process requires. For us, creating the perfect result for our customers is essential, and we’ve never wanted to tell anyone their loved one’s print was not clear enough to be used. Therefore, we made it our mission to develop a process that would capture more detail than standard fingerprint jewellery. With this in mind, our memorial fingerprint jewellery uses the full fingerprint in the jewellery. This way, we’re keeping the shape of the print while also picking up the exceptionally fine details.

Fingerprint Jewellery

There are also some other interesting differences between standard fingerprint jewellery and memorial fingerprint jewellery. Our standard fingerprint jewellery is generally engraved onto the surface of the metal, whereas our memorial fingerprint jewellery is engraved much deeper.

It’s also important to consider that the prints don’t have to be taken using our own fingerprinting kit, as our highly skilled jewellery designers can generally work with any ink fingerprint. For us, it’s an honour to be trusted to create such special pieces, and we want to offer this to everyone, not just those who have used our kits.

Throughout our years of experience, we’ve also developed excellent relationships with funeral directors, and we’re now partnered with many all over the UK who offer to take fingerprints using our kits. This is a great development in building awareness of memorial jewellery, as funeral directors don’t generally take fingerprints unless it’s part of a service they offer or if you’ve personally requested it. There’s no doubt that memorial jewellery is growing in popularity, so we’re expecting more funeral directors will likely start to offer this service as demand increases.

Last but not least, we’re frequently asked whether we need the original fingerprint. This is an aspect of memorial jewellery that we’re highly aware of and always handle sensitively, as we understand how difficult it is for grieving families who are coming to terms with losing a loved one. We know how precious the original fingerprint will be to you. So, for this reason, we don’t request the original print and can work with a good photocopy, scan or photograph of the print.

Our memorial jewellery offering has been developed over years of working with our customers to give them a beautiful keepsake with memorial in mind. We’re proud of this legacy and the different aspects that make Hand on Heart memorial jewellery different. You can view this beautiful range here;

Memorial Fingerprint Jewellery

If you have any questions at all about any of the topics discussed in this blog, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer service team, who will happily answer any questions you might have (no question is too big or too small, so please don’t worry if you’re unsure – we’re more than happy to help!)

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