Memorial Cremation Ashes Jewellery

Choosing the perfect colour for your Memorial Ashes Jewellery

Treasuring the memory of a loved one through memorial jewellery is a beautiful way to keep them close. However, we understand that choosing the right colour for your piece of cremation ashes jewellery can be difficult.

At Hand on Heart, our aim is to help you create the perfect piece to remember your loved one, and the colour is a significant part of the process. If you’re feeling daunted or overwhelmed, we want to reassure you that it’s perfectly normal to feel that way. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the lovely ways to decide on your jewellery colour from our collection, which currently includes the following colour options: black, white, blue, purple, pink, red and green. 

Your loved one’s favourite colour

Choosing a loved one’s favourite colour is a beautiful way to pay tribute to their memory and tastes. It’s a lovely way to remember them, as looking at their favourite colour might stir up those wonderful memories you have with them. 

The colour of your loved one’s eyes 

We think this is a beautifully moving tribute to your loved one, and it’s an option that is undoubtedly growing in popularity. The sparkling blue and dazzling green colour options might be a heart-warming reminder of your loved one’s eyes.

Their favourite football club or sports team

You can keep a loved one’s passions close to you by choosing a colour that meant a lot to them. Perhaps they were a loyal Liverpool FC fan? Our red cremation ashes jewellery would make a perfect option. Or maybe they were a staunch Chelsea FC supporter? The blue cremation ashes jewellery would represent their passion for their favourite team. 

Your favourite colour

If you have a preferred colour in mind, then your cremation ashes jewellery is a stunning way to wear that colour every day. You could pick a subtle colour (our white memorial jewellery is beautifully understated), or choose your cremation ashes jewellery to add a stunning splash of colour to a piece of jewellery. The bright colours in our collection are absolutely gorgeous.

What colours mean…

If you’re still unsure, perhaps it would be nice to look at the different spiritual meanings behind colours and what they mean to you or how they represent the bond and relationship with your loved one. These colour descriptions might also be helpful if you’re picking the cremation ashes jewellery on behalf of someone as a gift. It could offer comfort on their healing journey if they’re grieving. 

Blue Memorial Ashes Jewellery

Loyalty, trust, stability and confidence. Blue is also a calming and relaxing colour that reduces stress.


Green Memorial Ashes Jewellery 

Harmony, hope, endurance and safety. Green restores depleted energy and is a balancing colour. 


Red Memorial Ashes Jewellery

Strength, power, passion and love. Red is an energising colour that builds confidence.


Pink Memorial Ashes Jewellery

Romance, femininity and friendship. Pink is synonymous with understanding and nurture. 


Purple Memorial Ashes Jewellery

Magic, creativity and wisdom. Purple helps us communicate what we’re thinking and feeling. 


Black Memorial Ashes Jewellery

Grief and power. Black protects us and helps us.


Clear Memorial Ashes Jewellery

Purity and innocence. White typically symbolises a new beginning. 


Memorial Ashes Jewellery Reviews

We’re proud to have received amazing feedback about our colour options. Here are just a couple of recent comments from happy customers and the colours they chose for their memorial jewellery.

“Thank you HoH, for my beautiful ring with my grandma's ashes in... when I received it I cried happy tears as I was so over the moon with it. I chose a beautiful green colour which was my grandma’s favourite. I miss her every day, but this piece of jewellery has brought her close to me again... the design is beautiful and modern just what I was looking for. I have great comfort in having her with me every day and always.”

“I bought this necklace for my sister-in-law who was grieving the death of her mother, she was her main carer. The necklace was lovely and being able to choose a colour for the gem was a special touch as my mother-in-law’s favourite colour was red.”

We hope this blog has helped to offer some ideas about choosing a colour for memorial jewellery. We understand it can be a difficult choice, but our friendly team is always on hand to offer any advice and guidance, so please do get in touch if you’d like to find out more.


  • Team HoH x

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Once you have chosen your perfect piece of jewellery from our memorial ashes range, such as a ring, we will send you an ashes collection kit which can be used to safely collect and return the ashes to our studio, this will be sent within one working day.

    Once these ashes are received back into our studio, we will aim to have your jewellery created and dispatched within 21 days.

    Team HoH x

  • Elizabeth Hudson

    How long for delivery on ashes ring once order placed please

  • Team HoH x

    That is a beautiful colour to choose Yvonne – Team HoH x

  • Yvonne Costello

    The colour I chose is blue

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