Baby Loss and Handprint Jewellery, A Real-Life Story

Baby Loss and Handprint Jewellery, A Real-Life Story

Handprint Ring
(Trigger Warning - Baby Loss)

Back in 2010, we were exhibiting at a large show. There had been a lady gazing intently at the jewellery in our display cabinet for a good while. On being offered assistance, she had quietly said that she was just looking. The lady came back a few times that day, each time not accepting help, but we couldn't help feeling that she wanted to ask something.

As we were packing up for the day, I felt someone tap on my shoulder and sure enough it was the lady that had visited us so often throughout the day. With tears in her eyes, she passed me some tiny little handprints on a piece of card. They were quite possibly the smallest prints I had ever seen and the lady explained that they were from her still born baby 6 years ago. She went on to explain that she had come over so many times, each time trying to gain the strength to ask us if we could use the prints, but each time she got to us, she choked back tears and couldn't say the words. She had finally ended up leaving the show only to come back again with the prints. She said that having them with her finally gave her the courage to ask.

We gently explained that we could use the prints and we would take a photograph of them so she didn't need to part with the original copy. We then we unpacked a couple of chairs and helped her design a necklace with her precious prints.
I loved making that necklace, I knew how much it would mean to her. Sure enough, she did love her necklace and has since kept in touch, even giving us the privilege of adding a further two charms with her latest baby's prints. I understand that her necklace is her most treasured possession and it's brought her great comfort over the years.

I think about this lady often. Because of how we met, because I'll never forget the pain I saw in her eyes and because we were maybe able to offer a tiny bit of comfort.

... And because it reminds me that we're not just making Jewellery, HoH Jewellery means so much more.

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