The Perfect Gifts for Grandparents

The Perfect Gifts for Grandparents

What better way to celebrate grandparents’ special relationship with their precious grandchildren than jewellery unique to their beautiful bond?

We’ve explored a few of our favourite and most popular gifts for grandparents.


Handprint & Footprint Jewellery for Grandparents
A heartwarming and beautiful gift to capture the prints that make their grandchildren unique, we think grandparents will love a piece of Handprint or Footprint Jewellery. Here at Hand on Heart, we’re experts at creating handprint and footprint jewellery. Our skilled designers have trained for years to learn our process of carefully shrinking the size of the print while maintaining all of its distinctive details so you can proudly wear a piece of jewellery that represents your precious loved one. The handprint and footprint jewellery collection features a range of fabulous options for grandmothers and granddads, including necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks, beads and gifts.

Hand & Footprint Jewellery Collection

Personalised Family Tree Necklace for Grandparents
A wonderful present for grandparents – our stunning personalised Family Tree necklace features the names of those family members they hold dear. The design features a Tree of Life design and a disc that can be engraved, both created in sterling silver. Engraving can be made on both sides of the disc, perfect for listing names or dates, or adding a personalised message.

Family Tree Necklace

Kids Drawing Jewellery for Grandparents
A totally delightful idea for a gift, guaranteed to make a grandparent smile, is our range of kids drawing jewellery. This is also a lovely way to get the children involved in gift-giving, as you could task them with drawing something especially for their grandmother or granddad. Then we’ll wave our magic wand and it’ll be captured forever on a necklace, keyring, charm, or cufflinks.

Hand on Heart Jewellery Drawing Collection

Handwriting jewellery for Grandparents
Another wonderfully sentimental gift you could also involve the kids with is our collection of handwriting jewellery. It could be a special message about how much their grandparents mean to them, or it could be a funny in-joke or a grandparent’s nickname written in their handwriting (we can work with any handwriting, and we have lots of parents who create beautiful keepsakes using their child’s true handwriting) To create our handwriting jewellery, all we need is a photograph of the writing that you’d like to use.

Handwriting Collection

Here are just a few fabulous reviews that our customers have said about our top gifts for grandparents:

“I bought this for my mother. Had her grandchildren’s names engraved. She was so thrilled and touched to receive such a personal present. Great service too.”
“Beautiful. Personalised with my special family names, so they will always be close to me when l wear it.”

“My mum has recently turned 50 and instead of buying a generic piece of jewellery, I wanted to get her something that she could cherish. During my search, I came across a family tree necklace at Hand on Heart and instantly loved the design. I customised it with my brother’s name and my own name. It came in good time with no problems. I gave it to her yesterday, and she instantly loved it and said she would wear it for the rest of her life. Thank you, Hand on Heart, for helping me give my mum the perfect birthday gift!”

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